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calculating the steps of terrorists. The focus is the vulnerabilities in the United States by international linkage(?Patterns of Global? n. pag.). Finally, one might contemplate the existing radical operations to issue-oriented movements such as radical environmentalism, fringe elements of the pro-life movements, and radical animal rights groups, there will emerge new groups willing to use terrorism to advance grievances both real and imaginary. As lawmakers debated what steps to take to prevent future attacks, many Americans ponder what sacrifice are they willing to take to counter the terrorist threat. The questions are to be asked if the travelers are willing to wait in longer lines, so that sensitive equipment can inspect their bags for explosives or unusual items? Are they

willing to pay more for the airline tickets to finance the new detection equipment? Are Americans willing to submit to increase security measures at the expense of their freedom of movement as well as privacy(?Patterns of Global? n. pag.). In 1996, Anti-terrorism act was passed through congress and president Clinton signed into law, which granted $one billion to combat terrorism. The new law was unduly expands the federal government?s power and violates citizen?s constitutional rights. The Anti-terrorism act, gave an earlier provision to federal governments powers to wiretap suspected terrorist group?s phones without warrant was removed from the final bill. Such tragedies such as the Oklahoma City bombing argued lawmakers to make essential that the federal government be allowed

to monitor militia groups more closely. In addition, President Clinton authorized computer passenger ?profiling? systems, expanding an informal identification system now in place. The system will determine a closely ?profile? match on whether of a terrorist profile. The plans advocates were repelled as the advanced bomb detection equipment, but they were generally acknowledged resulting in safer travel (?How Vulnerable? n. pag.). Lawmakers have challenge themselves, trying to respond to the fear that has been invading Americans that the United States are becoming more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. But, many experts believe that the American public and lawmakers need to think about whether they are responding to fear or to the facts. For these many experts, the responses to the

explosion of TWA flight 800, is a perfect example of overreaction. Investigators are pondering the cause of what the explosion resulted from, and yet, this explosion has promoted a revival of the Anti-Terrorism act and President Clinton has requested the expansion of federal governments wiretapping rights once again. The question that has been said many of times is that, ?should Americans give up a measure of freedom for the increased safety it will likely provide? (?CNN Domestic? n. pag.)? Similarly, terrorists must be made to realize that they cannot strike at the United States and its citizens with impunity. While Soviet embassies and legations have escaped all but incidental violence in recent years. U.S. embassies have been attacked in dozens of countries, the most serious

incidents involving the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, and the sacking and burning of our embassies in Libya and Pakistan, and the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut. It is time that policies that ensure swift and sure retribution against those who attack our citizens and property. ?If it is our destiny as a nation not to be loved, then surely it behooves us to be feared, at least by the purveyors of violence,? says Stephen Sloan (?How Vulnerable? n. pag.). Bibliography (pass) 319