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Terrorism Essay, Research Paper In the world today we have all sorts of violence; it is like a wild fire when terrorism is the issue. World terrorism is very violent because there are different groups trying to express their own point of view. Many terrorist groups have been associated with religious ideologies. This is because some religions will not adapt different views or different beliefs. It is safe to say that world terrorism is the key in the ancient and on going religious conflicts. Since the sixteenth century the continuous conflicts between Catholics and Protestants have decreased everywhere except in Northern Ireland. These conflicts have led to numerous deaths and dangerous bombing attacks by these religions. In Northern Ireland there are Irish Catholics who live

on the hilltops for many decades. There are also Protestants who live on the main land. These two religions have two separate terrorist groups? One of which is Roman Catholic (IRA-Irish Republican Army) and the other is the Protestant loyalist’s group, Ulster Freedom Fighter. In past decades there have been almost more then 3200 murders of the Ulster Protestants group. One incident was a bombing of a young assassin with a plastic explosive. He walk into a Belfast fish shop knowing that it was a main headquarters for Ulster Protestant group. That bomb explodes unexpectedly killing the young (IRA) assassin and nine Protestants, also including an innocent seven-year-old girl. There have been many retaliation attacks to similar incidents, by these two religious groups. One saying

by a Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell is that the catholic massacres and the slaughtering of priests is “a righteous judgement of god” (Haught,64). This just shows how religious differences cause militant acts. Through various books they portray people of the Islamic religion as terrorists. In Palestine, Muslims have inflicted many problems towards the Jews. There are many different Islamic groups that inflict terrorist acts, one group is called the Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as the Arabic acronym Hamas. This is understood to mean all out war. The Islamic resistance movement feels that Israelis will exist and continue to exist unless Islam abolishes this deviant race. Also Muslims from Palestine feel that it is time for redemption and this will not be achieved

until “Muslim’ s fight the Jews and kill them, and until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees”(Hoffman, 98). This clearly shows how Muslims of Palestine are not open to different beliefs or cultures. Maybe they feel insecure within their own religion. That’s why they cause terrorist acts against the people of the Jewish communities. Another group of Muslim’s is the Shi’a Muslim’s from Palestine who feel that Jews are six million descendants of monkeys and have too much power within every nation. One clear fact is that 150 people have been killed in 14 suicide attacks by members of the Hamas and the Palestine’s Islamic Jihad (another extremist Islamic group) between April of 1994 and July of 1997. These suicide attacks are taught to be the very glorious and greatly

praised by Allah. People who perform these acts of terror are told to have lots of sex in their after life. If this community promotes suicide attacks as being holy, this will be easily presumed by one to be very sick and inhuman. The main purpose behind the hatred between Muslims and Jews is for Muslims to retain their Islamic ideologies which they feel Jews infringe on. All these acts have lead to a retaliation the vice-versa policy by the Jewish community. The number of Jewish terrorists has increased from the start of the 1980’s. Their main concern is because for many generations they feel that people have overpowered their communities, and made them suffer. The Jewish community feels that they have been using the no-hitting back as a policy, which is not giving them any