Terrorism Essay Research Paper Day after day

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Terrorism Essay, Research Paper Day after day the news is reporting on a kidnapping or a bombing somewhere in the world. Terrorism is an undiscriminating crime that comes in different types of threats and violence and is used primarily to attain some sort of a political goal in one form or another. Acts of terrorism such hijacking, bombings, kidnapping occur routinely in certain parts of the world making almost anyone a potential victim. Terrorism is frightening and the results are horrifying. Terrorists generate fear through acts of violence, intimidation, and persuasion. Terrorism can be defined as an act of violence. The physical force exerted from someone taken by surprise out of car or on an airplane, for example, the normal reaction from the victim would tend to be

violent. Violence can be damaging from the sense of feeling pain. A blow to the head, back, stomach or any part of the body would be a violent act of terrifying behavior. Abusive force to an individual because of their race, color, gender or position they may hold in a political office, or an executive from an important company could be used as an example of a violent threat terrorists use to show their power. The act of terrorism brings a severity of violence can be described as a gun to the head, rape, fingers cut off, or a person being shot just to make a point. Terrorism is also defined as an act of intimidation. To build the fear in the person being held hostage to the point that if they do not cooperate they will be killed. The person is filled with so much fear it is hard

to resist not cooperating. The intimidation could be a deadly threat toward the individual being detained; maybe someone detained with them or loved ones. The intimidation could be a threat to blow up a plane with hundreds of people aboard if a ransom was not paid. Terrorist can coerce a person with so much fear that they are unable to think rationally that they become very timid. The best description of a terrorist intimidating a person would be to fill with fear by threats of all sorts. Persuasion is also another description of terrorism. The act of persuading someone to do or say what the individual wants or being persuaded to say or do. The ability for the terrorist to make the individual to believe in their cause and try to convince the hostage that the position they hold is

worth any consequences felt is the power of persuasion. The act of being persuaded to placing a bomb in a building or under a car to purposely hurt someone is an act of terrorism. The state of convincing someone to hijack an airplane for various reasons is an act of terrorism. The ability or power to persuade or hold a strong opinion to hurt someone is an act of terrorism. Last night on CNN News, it was reported that a group of young men were finally released after being held hostage since October 15, 2000. Terrorists had kidnapped the group for ransom, but after no response from the companies they worked for, the terrorist shot and killed one them and sent him home with a message. The message was violent, intimidating and persuasive to the point that the company gave in to their

demands. Terrorism is a frightening and horrifying event for not only the hostages but also those making the decisions for the demands. Winston Churchill is quoted saying, Why, you may take the most gallant sailor, the most intrepid airman or the most audacious soldier, put them at a table together what do you get? The sum of their fears (Clancy 11). Terrorists generate fear through acts of violence, intimidation, and persuasion.