Terrorism as a Global Problem

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Terrorism as a Global Problem Controversial issue is a special sphere of education and social life that is necessary for our intellectual development. It gives us a possibility to get acquainted with significant problems of the modern world and even help to solve them. The number of problems such as international terrorism, discrimination, religion and science conflicts, nuclear weapons and others are of crucial importance and their solution is necessary to preserve the national policy. Terrorism is the global problem nowadays that endanger life of every person on the earth. The primary purpose of all governments should encourage and enable people to join their forces against terrorism and win it by common efforts . The government should recognize the paramount importance of

this problem and the political activity should be subservient to that major consideration. To solve the problem of global terrorism, we must try to find the roots of it, to analyze the actions of countries taken against terrorism, social attitude to this phenomenon. I would say that current policy isn’t able not just to stop the march of terrorism but even to miniaturize it. Mass media leads active struggle against terrorism but very often this process isn’t connected with definite well-known terrorists. They blame whole nations without any division. The consequences of such actions are predictable: people begin to hate not terrorists as a whole but correlate terrorists with definite nationalities, Arabic, for example. Terrorism as a national phenomenon is a great problem and

its understanding can help us to find the way out. Terrorism needs serious and responsible public attitude, but sometimes hiding after the generous aims of the liquidation of terrorism, politicians limited civil liberties of some nationalities. Internet sites and mass media can abuse position of some social and ethnic groups and give false information about them. All these and many other facts only promote terrorism. Aggressive attitude to the Arabic people and their religion causes fits of anger in Arabic countries and can even lead to acts of terrorism. To avoid these national hatred we must get aquatinted with Arabic culture, traditions and religion, to understand that not all people in these countries support terrorism and that their religion doesn’t propagate to kill

people of other religions. So, the first step is to take under rigid control mass media and Internet. Information about terrorism and terrorists must be objective and factual. Real facts are necessary for the correct understanding of the situation. Then it’s necessary to give children and teenagers the real facts as they represent the future generation to rule the country. Subjective understanding of the matter should be minimized as subjective opinion causes emotional reaction while to solve this problem we must be guided only by common sense. The knowing of the definition of terrorism is necessary to take strong measures to overcome this global trouble. The definition is rather controversial and that is why very often its different interpretations can be used in the own

interests of some individuals. As a whole terrorism means aggressive actions with the use of violence against ordinary civilians aimed to intimidate politicians. Term “terrorism” is often used to show that the actions taken by a group of people are violent, unlawful and immoral. The official beginning of terrorism is connected with the 19th century, although violent aggressive actions of certain groups of people were noticed much earlier. The term appeared for the first time during the Reign of Terror (1793-1794). In 1867 the Iris Republic Brotherhood attacked England and after then acts of terror have become recurrent phenomena. The victims by the year 1985 counted 816 people, in 2001 the number of deaths rose to 3,295 because of the attacks on the 11th of September, 2001.