Terrorism 3 Essay Research Paper Imagine this

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Terrorism 3 Essay, Research Paper Imagine this scenario: You and another fifteen thousand hockey fans decide to spend the night watching the Washington Capitals take on the Philadelphia Flyers. You get your tickets, your food, and your program and you sit down in your seat. You can barely wait for the game to start, let alone end, because you have so much money riding on this game. The 7:00 face-off begins exactly at 7:00, and thousands of eager hockey fans sit back to watch the game. Shortly after the face-off, terrorists trigger an explosive charge that showers poisonous chemicals over you and the rest of the crowd. The new stadium has become a hellhole of death and confusion. People all around you reel in all directions as others push their way to clogged exits. Fans are

falling to the ground choking and coughing. Their skin blisters instantly. Other attempting to help become victims themselves after breathing the poisoned air. The city’s 911 emergency lines flood with calls for help and medical assistance. Police and fire fighters arrive within minutes and set up a staging area upwind, but keep their distance. No one knows yet what sort of lethal chemical the terrorists have exploded upon you. Authorities block off the neighborhood, seeking to contain the contamination from the rest of the city. Because of the new rules of procedure, emergency professionals normally trained to risk danger have to wait until you and other victims find your way out of the stadium, where they can be decontaminated. This horrifying scenario is what many people

have had to live through, and many more will probably live through in the future. Terrorism is a problem of the past, but it seems it will be a problem of the future, too. Terrorism is once again a hot topic, but this time it’s not only about the devastation it causes. It seems terrorists have added a new twist to their killing sprees: chemical ad biological weapons. Terrorism is now, yet always was, a serious problem in our society. And it’s not just affecting the U.S., it’s affecting many countries of the world. Bombing and chemical/biological warfare are two excellent examples of what terrorists use to create mass destruction. What causes these terrorist acts is something that some know and many others would like to find out. If we were to look into what causes

terrorism, maybe we could figure out a way to diminish terrorism or possibly terminate it altogether. All it would take is a little time and effort, and we could get rid of one of the scariest massacres of our time. The only thing that really counts is the people and the effort they put into. The more we try, the more we can do. The first step is learning about the problem. Bombing is one terrorist act that has been around it seems forever. It affects not only the victims, but their family, friends, co-workers, and etc. Bombs are used by many terrorists because of the ease in which they can be used. They are extremely easy to make these days, and instructions are simpler than ever to come across. Because of the internet, it’s possible to type one word, hit one key and find

hundreds of different bomb sights. They show the ingredients of any kind of bomb, how to make them, how big the explosion will be, and many other interesting facts that any terrorist-to-be would love to know. This makes it very easy for anyone, especially young, curious internet surfers, to create a bomb and all the destruction it causes. In fact, the most common explosive device encountered in the USA is the pipe bomb, which is easy to build and just as easy to detonate. (Explosive Statistics) Another reason bombing has been chosen by so many terrorists is because it’s extremely easy to get away with. In the old days, pushing down a lever that was only a small distance away would set off bombs. Nowadays, because of a timer being invented, someone could set a bomb and be 3,000