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beyond the planning stage. 1996 – The unit reportedly deployed to Atlanta, Georgia as part of a large US counterterrorist contingency plan for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Most terrorists have similar qualities and target the same thing. A terrorist aims to coerce politicians. A terrorist may have a fair complaint against society, or be a social misfit. He may have an emotional problem, or be a mental case. But is aim is not to explain, protest, find contentment or misbehave. His aim is to force politicalauthority to act as he wants. A terrorist uses violence. Violence keeps getting more dangerous. Bombs and guns improve. Chemicals, germs and atomic bombs come within reach. Networks and places that enable everyday life–pipes, cables, grids, dams, skyscrapers–supply more and

better chances for worry, discomfort, damage and death. As violence keeps getting more dangerous, so does terrorists’ potential power. A terrorist attacks any person or place. His victim is not his true target. He picks victims as symbols, or for convenience. He picks them to get maximum publicity and to cause maximum alarm. A terrorist targets an audience. His weapon is not plastic explosive or nerve gas, it is terror. His target is not optic fibers or commuters, it is public will. He claims credit for his crime, or makes sure we learn who did it and why. He wants to force policy his way. As with violence, so with publicity, technology advances. More of the public gets more terrifying news, faster, with more and clearer pictures and sounds. Terrorists’ potential power grows.