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legitimacy . It has been said that these are the precise objectives that the media accommodates. Generally, when terrorist attacks occur against Americans, the public looks to the president, who is, of course, in charge of management of the situation. But this support also relies on the roles of other government officials and decision-makers and their evaluations of the presidents performance as reported by the media . Nacos final chapter reflects back on her findings throughout the book. She acknowledges that terrorists certainly have been at least partially successful in achieving their goals and if this is true, what should we do as a society to suppress it? Many countries have enacted laws that restrict the coverage of terrorism, but this is highly unlikely to occur in this

country. However, with the knowledge that terrorism is simply a play on our emotions and reactions, terrorism should be easily eliminated from our existence. Perhaps government officials should work on educating the general public as to why and how terrorism works; this might help the problem at one of the roots. Bibliography Nacos, Bridgitte. Terrorism and the Media. Columbia University Press. New York 1994