Terror Of The Plane Essay Research Paper

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Terror Of The Plane Essay, Research Paper Terror of The Plane Planes can take you to every part of the world. No matter you are taking the economic class, business class, or the first class; you can enjoy wonderful services provided by beautiful, young flight attendants. But of course, the service provided in first class is much more grand than that in economics class! Everyone seems to enjoy having his or her journey on the plane very much. However, I have never been so terrified before when I took the plane at my age of 4! I can still remember clearly that was the first time I traveled on the plane. That flight s destination was Jakarta in Indonesia. It was supposed to take just 4 hours to get to Jakarta, but it seems to me like I had been on the plane for 4 days! The

height of the plane which is several thousands meter above the ground made me felt like I could not breath. I was so scared! I felt dizzy; I felt sick, and I cried. Just shut up and get into sleep! my mother reprimanded me. My clamor had annoyed her! I did not dare to say a word again. Seeing my mother sleeping so soundly, I did not sleepy at all! What should I do? Then I felt like I need to go to the bathroom. But I did not dare to wake my mother up. I decided to go by myself. I have to take the set belt off! I thought. However, I realized that I do not how to take that off, as mother had not taught me yet. I tangled with the belt for about 5 minutes, and I conquered. Then I climbed down from my seat, which was a little bit too high for me and I got onto the floor. I was so

giddy that I could hardly stand. I lurched to the bathroom all the way and I finally got there. Oh! Thanks God! I quickly finished my affair and planning to go back to my seat. As soon as I opened the door, the plane shook violently. I was so frightened that I knelt down and quivering. I thought that I must die this time. My mind went blank and I did not know what to do except crying. Suddenly, the plane Cynthia Lau English 1 #1620 Page 2 became stable again and the captain broadcasted Passengers please go back to your seat immediately! The plane just experienced turbulence but now is all right. Please fasten your seat belt any time you are on the seat in order to be protect from another sudden turbulence. Thank you! I rushed back to my seat, fasten my seat belt and held the

handrail tight. I sat there still like a statue. I did not know how much time had passed, and I went to sleep unconsciously. When I woke up, I saw a large piece of land with village-like houses went into my sight. Then the captain announced that we would be arriving at the Jakarta International Airport in about 3 minutes. I was so excited that I clapped my hands and shouted Hurray! Everyone seems to be surprised by what I did but they also yelled. After that experience, I do not resist from traveling with planes as I later find out turbulence is just a common condition when flying in the sky. However, I start thinking about another question that birds fly in the sky everyday, will they encounter turbulence also? If they do, will they feel dizzy and lose their balance, and so they

fall onto the ground? However, I still have no clue where to find the answer until now.