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They would lick the walls and drink their own urine to stay alive just a little bit longer, some even resorted to cannibalism. Outside Block 11 more murders took place. It was there that they held their hangings and floggings. One wall was covered in cork and the ground in sand to help absorb the blood from all the shootings that took place there. Cell Block 10 was just as bad, it was here that ‘Doctor’ Menegal did his infamous research on twins and sterilization. They tried many drugs and new procedures on helpless prisoners. They would inject poisonous chemicals and compounds into the prisoners, just to see if some of them might live. Most of them died of course. On a regular day in Cell Block 10 they would perform mass sterilization, castrating around ninety Jewish men.

Approximately twice that many women were sterilized daily. They performed brain surgery and amputations just for practice and send samples off to labs in other places. Prisoners would be given deadly viruses to test antibiotics. They did experiments on pregnant women and their fetuses. Many things they did were unthinkable. Winter at Auschwitz was even worse. They had to stand outside for hours at a time in the freezing snow and sleet for roll call every morning and every night. Frostbite was very common, and after frostbite gangrene usually set in killing the already weak prisoners within days. In late 1945, Allies bombed the railroads that took the shiploads of Jews to Auschwitz. It didn’t end the killing there though. The SS, knowing that liberation for the Jews was probably

coming soon started killing all the elite prisoners and the decorated Jewish military men, the gypsies, and the kapos. Then in a frenzy, burned as many of their incriminating files as they could before they fled taking all the prisoners able to march with them. Today very few of the files from Auschwitz remain. Those prisoners left in the camp, too sick or weak to walk were liberated a few days later by the Russian Army. However only half of them lived to see the next week. All of that is in the past now though. Today Auschwitz still stands. It has become a Polish museum honoring all the Jews that died there. 32e