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me as if I belong to somebody else? (45). The absence of Lindo?s mother left a hole in her heart. When Lindo has a daughter, she tries to be the mother she never had. Unfortunately she was so proud of her that she showed her off to much. Waverly said ? Why do you have to use me to show off? If you want to show off, then why don?t you learn how to play chess?? (101). Lindo was drastically hurt because she never wanted anything but the best for her daughter. From that moment on, Lindo never showed off her daughter again and their relationship was strained for years to come. In The Joy Luck Club the four mother figures are intertwined by a connection. Each of them has an incident in the past they would like to forget. These incidents not only affected their own lives but the lives

of their daughters as well. They were not only related by blood, but also by spirit; when a mother?s spirit was weak, her daughter?s spirit was weak as well. The bond between the mothers and daughters in the novel was much stronger than blood, it was by soul. The connection of the spirits will be passed down for many generations to come, just like their culture.