Terrace At Ste Adresse Essay Research Paper

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Terrace At Ste. Adresse Essay, Research Paper TERRACE AT STE. ADRESSE I picked this picture because there seems to be a lot going on in it. It seems to be a gook old day outside on a patio. It looks like the scene is taken from a European depiction. The picture shows four people by the sea on a patio. It looks like steamboats were the kings of the sea. There are also a few sailboats out on the water, the sky is clear and it looks like a beautiful sunny afternoon. There are two flags on the patio. One with red and yellow and one with blue, white and red stripes. Around the patio is a wooden fence with lattice. On the patio itself there are lots of exotic flowers. The flowers are red, pink and white. The grass is green and the leaves are also. It looks like there is a four-foot

patch of grass going around the patio. The fence and the lattice are brown and reddish brown. The sun is casting a shadow on the patio so some areas are darker than others are. There is a big floral centerpiece in the middle of the patio with four chairs and two people around it. The chairs are made of wood with cross thatching on the bark. The wood on the chairs is brown. There are two people sitting in the brown chairs and two people standing by the front of the patio nearest the water. The two people sitting in the chairs seem to be taking in the day. The man has a white hat on, with a black stripe around it. He has a beard and a Caucasian complexion. The shoes he is wearing are black wing tipped shoes. The pants on this man are grey and his jacket is a darker brown. It looks

like he is wearing a bow tie. He is elegantly dressed in what appears to be a nice dress suit. The woman sitting is directly left of this man. Her back is facing the viewer. She is holding an umbrella. You really can not see much more of her except that her outfit is grey. The two people standing by the lattice fence near the sea are dressed a little nicer than the people sitting down are. You can see the fronts of both of them. The man is wearing a dark top hat. He looks to be younger than the gentleman sitting down is. He looks to be dressed in a full-length dark suit. He is wearing a white dress shirt underneath and holding a cane. The woman is standing to the left of him in the painting. She is holding and umbrella and carrying on a conversation with him. The umbrella is a

very frilly pink color. She too appears to be young. Her dress is long like a ballroom dress with white and pink designs. The sky is a darker blue in some areas than others are. There are a few clouds floating by. The women are carrying umbrellas but it does not look like rain. I think they use them to block the sun. It also looks like a warm day out about 72 degrees with a fairly nice breeze. Back in this day people appear to dress finely all the time. No jeans and sneakers, just nice suits and dresses. These people look to be sociable upper class types.