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fly with them; the men were grilled and allowed to board a later flight. In Trenton, N.J., a nervous driver called authorities when two suspicious men speaking little English got on his bus; the police held the men at gunpoint before releasing them. Such profiling, which critics say makes a mockery of the constitutional notion of equal protection, is only one of the challenges to civil liberties emerging in the wake of the terrorism attacks. This is one of the measures that is going to be hard to implement and perhaps impossible to implement. The government gave Immigration and Naturalization Service the right to detain immigrants and hold them indefinitely (this is a change from 24 hours). This is a fundamental problem that is being seen, which is Americans attacking Americans

because of their color, accent, ethnicity, and religion. Perhaps the melting pot idea is a figment of imagination to psychologically soothe everyone from the reality that even though Americans are Americans they have not assimilated with one another, but actually encourage their individual diversity. It is proven that crude profiling is ineffective, and will just create more animosity among supposed brotherly Americans. In Britain, this was seen with the Irish and even here, in the US has acted similarly with Japanese during WWII. It seems that if you are now of any type of Middle Eastern descent, you will be scrutinized more heavily. This is a problem with no solution though, because security personal will be more wary of Middle Eastern people and more likely to search

personally and ask more questions, etc., the real problem lies with how Americans profile other Americans. This is an extremely large unpleasant side effect of this incident. In addition, now US citizen’s privacy will be infringed upon because the administration is expanding surveillance authority to tap phones, obtain voice-mail messages, monitor computers and obtain customers’ credit-card information from Internet providers with minimal judicial oversight. Since terrorist use e-mail and cellular phones, “roving” taps (which basically allow to tap anything used by the person suspected and all the people he contacts) are allowed, and the government has been given more rights to invade the privacy of citizens. While this might all be ok with everyone right now, in the wake

of the attacks, a little down the road Americans will be angry, as citizens privacy from the government has always been a classic argument. As one could see there are going to be unpleasant side effects from the unpleasant acts of terrorism, yet how effective they are will not be so easily measured. However, one could safely say that the usual hurdles which are put up by citizens themselves (privacy issues, waiting in line, etc.), are not being cleared sky high, yet when normalcy returns, there will be disputes over the clearing of such hurdles. Yet overall, even though it is unfortunate that the attack serves as a wake up call, it does, for American airports and flight security, which has always been lacking. Even though America was slow to implement security measures, in

consideration of this incident, efforts to have stellar security will surely be expedited. 333