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Term Paper Ice Magic Essay, Research Paper Term paper for Ice Magic Ice Magic is a book by Matt Christopher. It is about a hockey season that a boy named Pie plays. One of the problems for Pie in the story is that Pie?s older brother?s skates are passed down to him and the skates are way too big. His parents said they don?t have enough money to pay for new skates. He is also pretty good with the skates on, but he would be a lot better if he didn?t have them and he had ones that fit. He played the whole season with large skates, but played well. Pie, sort of has an enemy, his name is Percy. Percy is always mad and making fun of Pie. The reason for this is because Pie and Percy?s older brothers play hockey together and are on the same team. The coach thinks Pie?s brother is the

best so Percy feels jealous. Pie has friends that are twins and one day the twins invited Pie over for fun. When he got over their house the twins immediately yelled, ?Do you want to play a toy hockey game we found in the attic?? So they played and the score was 6 to 7, Pie?s team. The next day Pie had a hockey game and he was playing offense that game. As usual, Percy was making fun of him. When the game was over the twins yelled, ?Pie, did you see who scored and the score of the game?? The real magic was, the hockey games score was the same as the toy hockey game score. It kept going on like that for the rest of the season. Pie and Percy actually became friends because Pie thought Percy stole the toy game but he really didn?t and they became friends. I recommend this book to

anyone who loves hockey. The reason for that is because it is all about hockey and it teaches you how to make a bunch of moves up. I would also recommend it because all the scenes in the games make you feel like you are there. It is a really descriptively written and they have small sections of descriptive writing. I would even recommend this to anyone who doesn?t like hockey because it is a nice story. Book: Matt Christopher, Ice Maigic Internet: sparknotes.com