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Humbaba. Gilgamesh on the other hand is so arrogant and naive he doesn?t know Humbaba?s strength. When Gilgamehs was fighting Humbaba, Enkidu died. Gilgamesh is deeply troubled by the death of his companion and friend Enkidu. ?Hear me, great ones of Uruk, I weep for Enkidu, my friend. I weep for my brother.? (Wolkstein 144.) The king can?t accept the inevitability of death, and with all the energy of his proud and restless nature, he begins a quest, or search, for everlasting life. He determines to find Utnapishtim, survivor of an ancient flood and the only man to whom the gods have granted immortality. Up until this time, Gilgamesh was ambitious for glory. He undertook the battle with the giant Humbaba in order to rid the land of evil and create a name for himself. The hero?s

quest in this case is a search for immortal life or some kind of secret knowledge. This is a theme found in literature of many cultures. Usually, the hero must suffer a number of ordeals in the course of his search. This suffering can be compared to an initiation. In fact, the initiation into a club or fraternity resembles in a minor way the difficulties faced on a quest. In both situations, suffering leads to special knowledge or privileges. Like any serious quest, Gilgamesh?s journey is dangerous because it takes him past the boundaries of the similar world. ?He travels to distant places known only in legend, such as the Great Mountains.? (Philip 21.) His appearance, too, becomes less and less civilized as he journeys farther from Uruk. One goddess that the Sumerians adored was

the goddess of creation. Her name was Inanna. ?Inanna?s descent is needed to set in motion the annual cycle of life on earth.? (Wolkstein 167.) ?According to the me, which dictates the order and form of things, a New Year?s Day is ordained that marks the earth?s awakening to new life? (Philip 48.) Inanna, the great goddess followed all these philosophies. The mystery of human life, connected to the mystery of natural life, dwells with the goddess of creation. It is she who brings fertility to all things. The Sumerians has many myths and hymns that are similar to many other cultures. However, some may differ vigorously. The Epics of Gilgamesh portrays Gilgamesh as a typical archetype. He is the typical hero who is in search for immortality. The gods and goddesses of ancient

Sumeria/Babylon were respected highly among it?s people. The myths of ancient Sumeria seem controversial to many other cultures. This is because the belief and faith of their own cultures are very strong. This is what makes the origin of the Sumerians unknown. It seems like we will never know.