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childhood. On the other hand, Jung?s view of the function of dreams- compensation for aspects of the dreamer?s personality that have been neglected in his conscious life- does not differ substantially from Freud?s wish-fulfillment theory. The main difference between the two scientists theories is that, Freud ascribed dreams to infantile wishes, Jung held that they originate in the inborn thought pattern (or archetypes) of a radical unconscious common to all mankind. When dreaming, the dreams are filled with many different people, places and objects you know but, almost all the time, these are really symbols that are telling you something about you and your life.The interpretation of dreams can be accomplished by dividing the dream into its constituent parts: then the subject

reports whatever he immediately associates with each of the elements. Feelings and emotions can however effect your dream. They are reflections of you when you are awake. Even little objects such as a pen can symbolize something really big. In this case a pen symbolizes and foretells you are unfortunately being led into serious complications by your love of adventure. The meaning of all symbols depends on the person themselves. They can vary from person to person, which are called ?personal symbols?. There is however symbols which mean fundamentally the same thing for most people. These symbols are called ?universal symbols?. Dreams are phenomenans which occur in cycles, are controversial and symbolic.