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Full of Cotton,softened a little for Baby Doll; the Lorca-like setting for the offstagewrecking of Suddenly Last Summer; and the hot-blooded Mexican boys ofIguana. There are no Jews, and very few Negroes. Because these arefavorite outsiders of African writers, this sentence is a bit odd. TennesseeWilliams wrote many plays in which each could have contained somecharacters I may have mentioned earlier. Williams? career ended when he died. He choked to death February24, 1983 in his suite at Hotel Elysee, New York, New York. He is buried inSt. Louis, Missouri. Many people continue to read and act out his plays today. I believepeople will be doing the same in a hundred years. Bibliography 1. ?Williams, Tennessee. ?Britanica Online. Encyclopedia Britanica?. 4Mar. 1999