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superstition, but I can’t deny the fact that it is effecting on my mother. She has been up and down in many relationships, and at the end, she ends up with a divorce. She now is living with me with her chronic disease of hypertension and diabetes. Another reason for me to see myself as a widow is that I do not know if I can ever find a man who love me. I have learned that there are no men, but all boys out there. I keep on asking is there a man out there willing to go along with me and my dreams?Still, there has been no answer. Anyhow, I prefer to live my fullest life, fulfil my dreams, and stay single to take care for my mother, who will be in need for a lot of medical attentions in ten years from now. Those are not my imagination, but my dreams. I dream of become a Red-Cross

nurse who will travel to many different poor countries to bring cures and health to people devastated by illnesses. I see myself in a broken family, yet I rise up and continue to work for my dreams and for the society. I also see myself as a big help for my mother as well as other mothers who are lonely and are suffering as they go through their aging process. All that I see now will be so for the next ten years? so, I hope.