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only to enjoy picturesque places, but also to see ancient monuments and other places of interest. Hiking is becoming very popular. People like to spend their days-off in the country. Happy they return home to plan new hikes for the coming weekend. Some people prefer travelling by train, others by sea. It’s very comfortable, especially if you don’t feel seasick. In fine weather the passengers I like to look at the ship with its many decks and cabins. It looks like a white flouting city. When the sea is a little rough, the ship rolls from side to side. Some passengers feel seasick. I like to watch the sea-gulls, listen to their cries when they fly over the waves. It’s also fine to travel by trains. From a comfortable railway carriage you have a splendid view of a country

side. And of course it’s not bad to travel in a car. You may stop at any place you like, have lunch under a shady tree or swim in a cool river or a like. Sport is good for all People all over the world are fond of sport. Sport activities are very important for the growing organism of a child. Children showed not neglect this fact. There are many sport clubs that they can join us. Light athletics gives much opportunity to those who go in for it. It includes track field events: running, long-jumping, high jumping, discus throwing and others. Many children are fond of ball games: basketball, volleyball, football. They are so exiting. Besides they are played all year round. Children like to take part in the competitions to see who is the quickest, the strongest, who can jump best,

who is the best swimmer or player. Pupils in different classes hold competitions in different kinds of sport. Many boys and girls show good results. All the competitions and games are very popular with the pupils. A lot of fans always come to watch them. My favorite sport is basketball. Basketball is a wonderful sport. It’s a good exercise too. It makes us strong and healthy. To become a good sportsman you must train a lot. If you want to be good at something you have to work hard. Practice makes perfect. All around you The world is full of wonderful things. You see the blue sky and the grey rain, the black night and the shiny stars, trees and mountains, seas and sunshine. These things are the world, and they are all around you. It’s interesting to know why we need the Sun,

why the moon is bright, what animals live on the Earth. The world we live on is a big round ball. It’s turning all the time, but we can’t feel it. The Sun shines on the Earth the rain falls on it. Different plants grow on the Earth, different animals live on it. The forests are full of berries and mush rooms. There is water around the land. It’s called the World Ocean. There is life in the Ocean too. Different sea animals and fishes live in the ocean. Nature gives us every thing we need for our life. People grow food on the ground. Animals give us meat and milk. We must take good care of nature. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll see a lot of interesting thing around you. Planning a day My working day begins rather early. I wake up at 6.30, I am not an early –

riser and its difficult for me to get up so early. Then I go to the bathroom, wash my face, clean my teeth and comb my hair. After that I dress myself. In the morning I don’t have much time for breakfast, so I have a cup of tea with a sandwich. Then I take my schoolbag and run to the bus stop. My way to school is rather hard because of the traffic. I live rather far from school. It takes me nearly 40 minutes to get there. The buses and trolley-buses are usually overcrowded in the morning. And it’s a problem to get into it. I must elbow my way to stand somewhere in the corner. Nobody can call such a ride a pleasure, neither can I. At last I am at school, and the day’s work begins. Usually we have six or seven lessons a day with ten minute breaks. At 1.30 the school is over.

But my working day is not, I have to do my homework at 2.00 p.m. I come home, change my clothes, wash my hands and have dinner. After dinner I have a short rest and then I do my homework. Most of all I like evening hours, when the family gets together. We like to have dinner together and speak about our problems. Then we watch TV, or read. At 11 o’clock I go to bed. At 6.30 in the morning the alarm clock wakes me up, and I am happy to start a new day. Holiday in the USA In the USA different states celebrate different holidays, but everyone remembers the 4th of July, “Independence day”. On this day in 1776 America signed the Declaration of Independence. On that day people go out into the streets and take part in the parades. The second big American festival is Thanksgiving