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you can see, even if you wanted to have a computer that was protected against this technology being used against you, it would cost almost as much as a new car. It is outrageous that for an American citizen to maintain privacy and security, they have to pay three times more for equipment than that otherwise unprotected. TEMPEST is not well known among American citizens. If you were to ask someone what TEMPEST is, they would most likely just stare at you blankly and not be able to provide an answer. This is unacceptable especially in the light that TEMPEST technology is most likely the biggest tool that the government has to use against any private citizen in violating our rights to privacy and security in our own homes. What you really have to think about is with no way of

knowing if you are being watched, who really knows what you are watching or typing? How secure is everything that you put on your computer or print out on your printer? How much does the government know about you? For all I know, government agents are reading this even before I get to print it. Bibliography Karlin, Beth. “Hush, Hush Sweet TEMPEST.” Electronic Business. Aug. 15, 1986 v12 n16: p76 McNamara, Joel. Introduction to TEMPEST. 10 Dec. 2000. 3 March 2001. www.eskimo.com/~joelm/TEMPESTintro.html Personal interview with anonymous.