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Tempest who has acquired control by taking over Prospero s throne. He proposes a murderous plot to kill Sebastian: he will kill Alonso so that Sebastian can become king, and Sebastian must also kill Gonzalo. A very big mess as we can see, it can all get very confusing at times. By using powers of persuasions, Antonio is a character that has gained control. He is a character who has no conscience and as long as he has his own freedom, he cares not about anyone else. However, although he is probably unaware, Antonio slowly loses his freedom and his lack of control as he and Sebastian, are driven to madness. Prospero is the only character in the play who manages to maintain control and create a lack of freedom for others till the end of the play. Prospero is generally and good man

and uses his control over others in a positive way. Ariel persuades him to have pity on the courtiers. Prospero agrees to give up his magical powers which is a big threat to his control over others. This proves that Prospero is essentially a good man. The Theme of Freedom versus control in The Tempest is very important. There is a constant interaction between both freedom and control throughout the play. All the characters have some sort of freedom, and yet some type of control over them. Through the exploration of the characters in the play, it can be determined that Prospero is the main instigator of both freedom and control. Prospero himself, however is not free until the end of the play. Prospero has been restricted from total freedom since he was put on that island. The

Tempest is a wonderful play where we can watch characters strive for freedom and control over there own lives. It s something will all strive for in life.