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he still does not use it. He could have killed Antonio from the very beginning if he wanted to but it seems like he wanted him to go through suffering before he killed him. Prospero puts Antonio and Sebastian into a state of mind where they don’t even know what is going on. The two of them are just there acting out their parts in the play as Prospero wanted them to. Caliban in the story became Prospero’s servant. Prospero justifies Caliban by being his servant by saying that he raised him to be what he is. Even though Prospero might have taught him how to read and helped him to become civilized doesn’t mean that he should carry things around for Prospero and do whatever Prospero says. To add onto this when Caliban meets up with the two drunks, Trinculo and Stephano, he

automatically starts to promise to do whatever they say because they have whine. If Caliban was taught so well and liked Prospero, how come after trying whine once he all of a sudden will do whatever they say just so he can have some whine. He says that they must be “Gods,” because only “Gods,” would have some special thing you can drink that would cause you to feel that way. The two drunkards want to go kill Prospero so that they can be in control of the island. Prospero obviously hears of this from Ariel so he has them walking through a swampy like muck area that smells like crap through a lot of the play. When it comes to the final ending of the play, Ariel and Prospero’s dialogue in lines seven through nineteen in act five, Ariel tells Prospero that if he were human

that he would forgive the people for what they have done. That he has put the people that have done him wrong through enough torture. At this point Pospero feels that he should be forgiving and realize that people make mistakes in their live. Prospero then has everyone come together into the end of the play by using his powers to do so. Alonso and Gonzalo awake from a sleep that Prospero had put them in. Ferdinand is there when he awakes and finds out that his father is still alive after all. Alonso is happy to see that the Naples and Milan could come together as allies through the marriage of his son and Miranda. At this time Prospero has Sebastian and Antonio come out of their trance that he put them in. He forgives his brother for what he has done and takes back his dukedom

right there in front of everyone. He also allows Sebastian and Antonio to know that he knew that they planned on assassinating the King of Naples. He feels that that he should not say anything because treason is execution on the spot and he forgave them of what they had done. Caliban brought in Stephano and Trinculo, he tells Prospero what a fool he was for thinking these two drunkards were “Gods,” and that he will never go against his master again. Prospero now that he feels that he has total control over everyone he feels that they can go home. He wants to dilenquish his powers by not only leaving the island, by letting Ariel go. So he promises that they will be able to catch up with the fleet and make it back to Naples. When it comes to the end of the play everyone is in

their right positions again and everyone is happy. It seems like Prospero was just trying to make a point with this whole play that he made up as he went along. Don’t try to do wrong to people because it will come back to haunt you in the end, and you might not have someone as forgiving as him.