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regarding their area. The Environmental Assessment Act requires that an assessment be carried out prior to allowing logging of an area, but the Environmental Protection Act does not even mention forestry. That there is no real forestry or even habitat protection in any current Canadian legislation is perhaps an indication that governments still don’t realize the full consequences of our present practices. That thought brings up the issue of whether such dire circumstances as environmentalists see us to be in – and with no legislation to back their claims up – warrant the breaking of laws set down by governments – in order to enforce those made by nature. Natural vs. Positive Law Early philosophers believed that those laws created by humans (positive laws) should stem from

and reflect those created by nature (natural laws). Cicero is credited as saying that “civil or human laws should be set aside or disobeyed if, in the minds of ‘wise and intelligent men,’ the laws were deemed in conflict with those of nature.” (TALOS 17) In some ways however, along the way, humanity has failed to see the connection or it being severed. Environmental resources have always caused some controversy in this regard; human greed sometimes has an insidious way of overriding care for nature. People are unwilling to compromise their ability to make money, even though it might mean that nature is severly damaged in the process. The desire to make money cannot, in itself, however, be seen as greed; in that respect we must aknowledge that loggers are not to blame for

distruction they wreak. It is the law makers themselves who are perpetuating the constant rate of natural destruction both through inaction and harmful action. The question then arises; are environmentalists justified in disobeying positive law In order to bring about what they see as disobedience to higher law? The question brought up in this case is highly disturbing; clearly, the activists acted in disobedience to the law as defined by our government. Yet, just as clearly, there was a cause for their actions – to save ancient forests and the ecological diversity they hold from annihilation and replacement by tree farm. The question in the case is highly sim