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Tell Me On A Sunday Essay, Research Paper Tell me on a Sunday The sun began to rise illuminating the cobbled street in a warm red glow The small village was gradually awakening, the sun stretching out warm fingers then warm arms, arousing shops and houses as it enveloped the village in its glowing embrace. The small shops began to come alive, exotic smells floating down the street, hints of warm oriental spice from the marked emerged, bordered by a hint of a salty odour emanating from the boardwalk ?fish ?n? chips store?. The aromatic perfume of an open flower shop wafted through the streets, men rushing to buy the freshly cut bouquets for forgotten anniversaries. A beautiful summer Sunday morning was beginning. In the fifth house down Rosewood Avenue, a girl was waking up.

She climbed out of bed and slipped on her dressing gown then padded silently downstairs in her bare feet. She went into the lounge and was bewildered to find her mother sitting on the floor in the middle of the room, tears streaming down her face. Chacity ran over to her mum and put her hands on her shoulders, turning the sobbing woman to face her. ?Mum? Mum? What?s wrong? Where?s Daddy and Jamie? Mum? Answer me mum!? she said urgently. Her mum continued to sob heart brokenly and shook her head sadly. ?They?ve gone Chacity. Remember when you asked me a few weeks ago if Daddy and I still loved each other? Well sometimes even though you love each other you just cant live with each other?? Chacity didn?t wait to hear the end. A high ? pitched sob echoed round the room then she

turned and ran out of the room upstairs to her bedroom and slammed the door. She sank down onto her bed and pulled her favourite teddy close. She didn?t care if it was babyish for a twelve-year-old to have a teddy. She wasn?t sure what she cared about anymore. It was like her whole world had just ended in a split second. Even though she had seen it coming for months, it was just one of those things that only happens to other people. You read about it in magazines but it just doesn?t seem like a real thing. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. She opened it and a familiar face stood on her doorstep. ?Tell your mother I?ve changed my mind will you??