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Telikineses Essay, Research Paper Telekinesis The most important thing to understand is that it is possible. Telekinesis is part of physical reality, just as telepathy is. The next most important knowledge related to achieving success with this, or any other human ability, is realizing that if one person can do it, any normal person can do it, and that means you. There is a prerequisite to achieving success in this endeavor, and that is having the ability to relax completely and focus your attention without distraction. In itself, concentration is one of the easiest activities one can possibly perform. It is simply being aware of one thing without distraction, and happens to an intense degree while watching the exciting scenes of any motion picture, for example. In actual

practice it can be nearly impossible to maintain concentration for any length of time due to the subconscious concerns of day to day living. If you are going to practice the techniques described below, it would be to your advantage to perform relaxation exercises prior to beginning. After you have achieved success a few times the necessary focus can be reached quite easily. I think of telekinesis as manipulating a sort of human “magnetic field” around the body which can be concentrated in a specific area. (It is probably possible to move objects at a greater distance but I have no experience in doing so.) By concentrating this “magnetic-like” energy in the fingers of one hand, I push over a light object which floats in a bowl of water. Using the analogy of magnetism is a

good way to focus your attention. You need to imagine a magnetic-like field around your hand, and push your hand (or finger tips) into the “magnetic field” of the object you want to move. (Such a field surrounds every object on Earth.) When one magnetic field interacts with another it will either push or pull against the other depending on the two magnetic field polarities. Opposite fields attract, similar fields repel. By concentrating on the belief that the field around my finger tips was very strong, I imagine the “magnetic field” moving the object. You have to be careful not to move your hand up and down, at least in the beginning, because the “wind” generated by the movement of your hand could cause the spoon to move. You must also be careful to note any breezes

in the room from heating or air conditioning, since your hand might block the breeze off and on and cause the spoon to move accordingly. If you rest your elbow on the table while doing this, be sure the table is VERY solidly positioned or you may accidentally cause the table to rock slightly in a rhythmic way, which can also cause the spoon to move. The WHAT you do here is obviously not nearly as important as how you think while doing it. Psychic phenomena happens at a non-verbal level of awareness. Your conscious thoughts only help focus your attention. They don’t do any of the “work” involved. While imagining my finger tips pushing out “strong magnetic fields” I would mentally think, “uuunnnnnnnn, uuunnnnnnn” each time I placed my fingers over the object. But even

then I did not put my attention on the “word” I was “thinking.” I actually tried to make the intensity of the “magnetic field” drown out the word. When you do that properly the “uuunnnnnn” actually goes away and instead you can feel the magnetic field in your finger tips. If your attention is on the thoughts you think you will not be able to maintain any consistent results. Your thoughts direct your intent to the subconscious, which then does what you HONESTLY EXPECT it to do. As far as I know this is true in every type of psychic phenomena. It’s not what you think, but what you expect. Once you have achieved certainty that you have the ability to do this, it is far easier to expect the results you want, and less effort is required to achieve those results.