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is so new. It has been assumed that studies dealing with other forms of media will also apply here (McAfee). In the first few year of a child?s life he is very impressionable. Much of his personality is formed by the time he goes to his first day of kindergarten. There is nothing wrong with him listening to music, watching television, or even playing video games. It becomes a problem when the parents lose control of what a child sees and how he interprets it. Many of the facts in this paper are startling, but does this mean we should ban all violence from everything? That will never happen. In all of the examples I have presented one thing is very clear: If parents played a more active role in what children watched, listened to, or games they played, things would be fine. All too

often children are left to make up their own minds about things. Next time you wonder about how easily children can be convinced of something think of the myth of Santa Claus: One man bringing presents to the WHOLE world, in one sled, pulled by flying reigndeer. All in the couse of one night. If they believe that, how hard can it be to convince them of other falsehoods? WORD COUNT: 784 365