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on television or movies or video games. Simply because they are a source of violence and many people believe that media violence will beget real life violence. They also blame these sources of media because there often isn?t any other explanation. When people are distressed by an incomprehensible crime, such as the one recently committed in Jonesboro, they want an excuse for why it happened. When one can?t be found, they are quick to blame it on the violent television programming or the video game with the most blood in it. My belief is that people will single out violence on television, movies, and video games as an explanation for youth committing violent crimes simply because it is the easiest, simplest explanation. We can already see problems arising because of these wrongful

assumptions. Television programming has begun putting rating classifications on the show before it begins and there are plans of implementing a chip into televisions to make the screen go completely black when violent imagery is being broadcast. Video games are getting censored and have already begun using rating classifications as a result of pressure from the American congress. In fact, the viewing of violent images does not correlate with violent crime statistics. Japan is the only country that watches more television than Americans do, yet in America you are six times more likely to be burglarized, ten times more likely to be murdered and 208 times more likely to be robbed. People don?t want to admit that the reason may be part of society?s ills. It may be a result of a youth

growing up in a violent family, or simply having a troubled childhood. Although the violence in these three media sources may help instigate a violent act, it is never the only cause. A person does not go from being a perfectly adapted member of society, watch a person get shot in a movie, and then go out and shoot somebody themselves. As U.S. senator Bill Bradley said; ?Violence? is a blaze fed by many fires?. We have to focus our attention on solving the rest of society?s problems and start informing people more accurately so that we don?t have to censor or ban our media. Problems that could arise from such a solution are that people may start to blame television, movies, and video games even more than before for violent crimes. The information on this subject is often clouded

with opinion and restrictions on studies that are intended on tailoring a certain answer, in most cases one that points the finger at violent media. But, if we can properly inform people with unbiased information, we can start paying attention to the real problems, rather than television, movies, or video games. Our society would become better informed overall as well. People are quick to blame violence in our society on television, movies, or video games because they are simple, believable targets. We have to look beyond this misinformation and attack the real causes for the violence in our society. Violence in television program, or movie, or video game will not make a person kill someone else. People watch violent images all the time, and only a very small percentage of them

actually commit violent crimes. Research on the subject does not necessarily support the hypothesis, but they do not counteract it either. The research is too often inconclusive and basing opinions on this is naive. In conclusion, violence on television, movies, and video games is not the problem. The problem is that we wrongfully blame these media sources for violent crimes and if can do away with the misinformation on this issue, we can start solving the real issues in our society. 352