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Feathers?Censorship is NOT unconstitutional. Censors have the right to censor what you hear. Without censorship of television, how else can you, the American public, have the protection you want from vulgar scenes, over-exposed bodies and all the other sights you like to see?Without the censors we would all be at the mercy of the warped minds of the television industry and Deity only knows what you would see, probably some of the most foul, nasty, disgusting, vulgar, funniest, greatest stuff in the world (Microsoft Internet Explorer).” CENSORSHIP OF TELEVISON – VIEWPOINTS SHOULD TELEVISION SHOWS BE CENSORED? One private individual, Mitchell Gene Zaninelli states, “I will start with the censorship of television. The government of the United States of America has been getting

very involved in what they think is appropriate to be on television. I want to know why they get to decide what I want to watch. I feel that it should be a person?s choice. They say they are concerned with what children are viewing, or that some things such as nudity and swear words offend people. Parents should monitor what their children watch. If a parent does not want their child to see something in particular, then it is the parent?s responsibility to see that they do not, not the government?s (Microsoft Internet Explorer).” What do you think? Should our government continue to enforce television and film censorship as it has been? Or should all forms of censorship be abolished completely? THE PURPOSE “It is the purpose of this Act to increase competition in all

telecommunications markets and provide for an orderly transition from regulated markets to competitive and deregulated telecommunications markets consistent with the public interest, convenience, and necessity (Telecommunications Bill of 1995, Internet).”