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Television 2 Essay, Research Paper Television Nowadays, the television is like a family member in most of the American families. The children are misguided by the television because of the sex and violence shown on it. Eventhough the television is a resource that can be use to educate and entertain people of all ages, television is a major drawback and misuse of technology. Television can be used to entertain people’s minds, and in the USA, the major use of television is entertainment. Programs like comedy programs and drama shows make viewer’s mind dumber. For example, most of the people in America come home after a long workday and sit in front of the television for the rest of their free time. It’s even shown in the television shows like Sienfield and Simpson. So,

instead of spending the valuable time with the family, people watch television. And this decreases the communication between the family members. The family members are unaware of each other’s interests and feelings. Some times not knowing or not paying proper attention can prove to be very harmful. For example, not paying proper attention to a kid can turn that kid into a troublemaker. There are all kinds of sports channels, movie channels, and so on, which relaxes the viewer, and, thus, instead of going out and breathing fresh air, people sit in front of television set spoiling their mind unknowingly. Playing sports is good for health, but instead of playing sports, people watch the sports on television sitting on their favorite couch or chair spoiling their mind and body.

According to some people television is helpful for some things like getting everyday news, but there are other alternatives for those kind of things. Someone might argue that we could know and see through our eyes what’s going on in other parts of the world. It would be impossible to gather information from other parts of the world so quickly without television. We can see live coverage of things without us being at the place physically which in my opinion is amazing. So, television has many uses. But reading a newspaper can be more helpful than watching television. By reading a newspaper not only you know what’s happening around the world, but also it improves your reading ability, improves your vocabulary and, thus, makes you a better speaker. When a young child with a

maturing brain sits in front of the television several hours a day, it can instigate loss of creativity, impatience, and violence further along down the road. The ability to be creative is an important factor in the development of a young child’s mind. By sitting down and watching TV for a couple hours, the child is entertained, but the child is also not thinking during that specific time period. Information is spoon-fed to them, so when it comes time to read a book in school, some can have a hard time grasping ideas. They are so used to having images flash before them to provide understanding. With the TV in front of them, supplying amusement, they may never stop to think that putting a puzzle together, or reading a book could also be fun. They could actually become dependent

on this one source of fantasy, and never bother to create their own. As the child grows older, it is less likely to put effort into playing with other kids, or taking up a hobby. While losing creativity, the child can also gain impatience. By having all the stories and facts plastered clear in front of them, they can easily loose interest sitting in a classroom all day. Even during their favorite TV show, there is a brief change of pace in the story line when a commercial comes on, which is about every seven minutes. Their attention spans are being molded by this continues interruption, causing them to loose focus easily. The teachers today are using many more multimedia devices to capture the students’ attention. Being so used to seeing information provided by the TV, they are