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Telepathy Essay, Research Paper Telepathy or mind reading is the transmission of thoughts from one human to another human by means other than the bodies physical senses. Telepathy also implies that we have sensing capabilities other than the physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. Which enable us to sense and perceive the mental thoughts and feelings of another person, in other words we have something people like to call extrasensory perception (ESP) abilities. In Breaking the Light Barrier Using Telepathy it states the root word “tele” is from the Greek word meaning far off or distance and the root word “pathy” is from the Greek word meaning to feel, so therefore telepathy would mean to feel something from a distance. Some people think that telepathy is a

fraud and that it could never happen, while others think the people simply know each other very well and can predict what the other will do or say. Still others think it can and does happen every day. This paper will look at many points of view and how many people are fooled into believing in telepathy. Telepathy expresses itself in many ways but as a whole it must be understood in perspective. The main means of telepathy communication can be described using feelings, sensations and images. It is the brain of the receiver that learns to associate, possibly even with words, with a particular sensation and feeling and imagery introduced into an interaction (3). It can take years to adapt to telepathy, it does not happen just like that. Along the way many experiences appear common

to those who adapt to telepathy in some way. The experiences are highly individual due to the fact that the human brain in everyone is individual and distinct as a human fingerprint. In a seminar on telepathy by William B. Robertson, he stated that telepathy is not something passed onto a person like a science or schoolbook study. It is something that every person has the ability to do just as a child has the ability to talk. The child must learn how to talk with the air, the throat, and the sounds, while to be telepathic a person must learn how to visualize what they want to put into words rather then speak them. Telepathy is one symptom to indicate mental disorders which makes it hard to research it well. This is what may happen, a person who has lived in a childhood

environment that is not ideal, such as one parent was consistently abusive, stores the frustration and anger of their childhood in an area of the cortex in a particular “neural network”. Up to about the age of 25 (this may vary from person to person) the young brain which is still developing is strong enough to contain such repressed feelings in a neural network. After the age of 25 however the natural defense mechanism may begin to break down and the consequence is “inner thoughts” that can be very loud and may appear as telepathy. These thoughts are the discharges of built up emotional energy in such a neural network. Due to the nature of such angry emotions, the brain does not want to associate these with the images that caused them, almost every part of the brain will

protect itself against such a neural network(5). The result is the neural network attempts to find a way to be accepted. If the neural network can convince the psyche that it is “telepathy”, then a way exists for the inner tension to be released. In some cases this will work, in others it will not and it can cause confusion or mental illness. In most cases the individual in the situation consults a medical doctor who will then give out a list of psychologists who can deal with the matter and help the individual through the period of adjustment(5). However, in a person that adapts well to telepathy and has not had an intense and far from ideal experience in their life may have the mental imagery with considerable activity to sense things. Telepathy by definition cannot be