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possibilities how commercial organisations can benefit from their connection to the English-speaking Internet. Internet users are supposed to be able to speak and understand English, and actually most of them do. With the rapidly rising number of users, the network is a potential world market (Vrabec 1996) and English will be its important tool. The status of English as a world language, or rather its large number of people who are able to process and use information in English, already enables commercial organisations to present themselves, their work and their products on the Internet. Thanks to English and the Internet companies can correspond with their partners abroad, respond to any question or give advice on any problem that their international customers can have with

their products almost immediately (Vrabec 1996). Considering the fact that many of the biggest, economically strongest and influential organisations are from the USA or other native English speaking countries, the commercialisation has very much reinforced the use of English on the Internet. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Cepek, Ales and Vrabec, Vladimir 1995 Internet CZ, Praha, Grada Demel, Jiri 1995 Internet pro zacatecniky, Praha, NEKLAN Falk, Bennett 1994 InternetROADMAP, translated by David Kr?sensk?, Praha, Computer Press Jenkins, Simon 1995 “The Triumph Of English” The Times, May 1995 Philipson, Robert 1992 Linguistic imperialism, Oxford, Oxford University Press Schmidt, Jan 1996 “Carka , hacek a WWW” Computer Echo Vol. 3/6 (also available on

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