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Access + Frame to IP + Digital Gateway to IP + Managed Firewall + Remote VPN + Web Hosting + Internet SLAs + Internet Dial + Private Line + Frame Relay Service + Remote LAN Dial + Managed Services + International Private Line + Managed International Private Line + ATM + ISDN INTEGRAED SERVICES: + Paging + Numeric Paging + Alphanumeric Paging + Enhanced One-Way Paging + QuickReply Interactive Paging + Interactive Paging + Conferencing + Audioconferencing + Net Conferencing + Videoconferencing + Customer Premises Equipment Stock Movement Chart: MCI WorldCom Analysis Report According to the information provided from previous section of this report, we can see clearly that MCI WorldCom will continue to grow and its stock market price will keep increasing within the next few years.

The combination of MCI and WorldCom Inc. is the greatest corporation merge with the newly created company beginning to take on the lead in monopolizing the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication is one of the biggest and most profitable markets among other industries. When comparing to the other competitors in the telecom industry such as AT&T and Sprint, MCI WorldCom has a significant lead among other competitors. However, it is not so surprising seeing this kind of result due to the strong support from the tremendous resources of the company after the merge. As people have acknowledged, WorldCom Inc. has combined other companies in the computer information industry, such as CompuServe and Brooks Fiber. The merges not only help WorldCom to monopolize the telecom

industry, but also take a step into the computer retail market. By combining other computer and telecommunication companies, WorldCom Inc. enhances its ability to provide better services to the customers, strategic positioning in the sense of potential economic downsizing, and obtain more of a variety of resources in the industry. For instance, the Asia economic crisis had brought on serious ordeals to global economic markets. Obviously, MCI WorldCom also had experienced certain degree of negative effects from the Asia economic crisis. However, the company survive quickly and rapidly after the crisis. The stock price didn’t stay at the bottom of the valley for too long, instead, it went up immediately after the crisis plus now the stock market related in telecommunications is

positive. In my point of view, I think the main reason why the company survived the crisis is the healthy structure of the company, and broad and capacious resources been spread among its telecom and computer industries. It is very important for a gigantic company like MCI WorldCom to spread its resources into different related industries to lower the risk of potential impairment from the economic environment. Secondly, the company has provided a diversity of products and services to fit different customers’ needs. The company provides services with low pricing specifically to certain groups of customers in the society, and it has done a successful job. Therefore, the two main ingredients, low price and better products, have brought MCI WorldCom more profits and help to

stabilize its leading place in the telecommunication industry.