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feelings (4). There are about five signs for suicide. The first one is depression. They may be depressed about getting an “F” on their math test or have had a death in the family. The second sign is talking about suicide. They may say things like “I’m want to kill myself,” or “You won’t have to worry about me much longer.” The third sign is giving some of their most prized possessions away or writing out their will. Some people give away their favorite clothes, stereo systems, or even their cars. The fourth sign is that they start taking extremely dangerous risks. They may go rowing without a life preserver, try to fix electrical appliances by themselves, stop wearing their seat belt, and go driving while they are drunk. The fifth sign for suicide is being

unexplainable cheerful or happy. By this time they probably have made up their minds about suicide (5). Anyone can be a victim of teen suicide. It could be the all-star of the football team, the girl who has the cutest guy in school, or the hyper-accelerated really smart kid down the street. Everyone has stress and everyone has to deal with it, but not everyone deals with stress the same way. For example one-person may play a sport to release and relieve their tensions, but another may start being depressed and being self-destructive. As you may see there are many different things involved when talking to teens about suicide. Some of these things involved need to be looked are items such as social stature of the adolescent, if there is apparent substance abuse, and how the child

is performing in school. If an adolescent ever contemplates suicide the parent or guardian should immediately seek help. Contrary to popular belief, people who talk about suicide are likely to follow through. Pay attention to phrases such as, “It’s no use, I’d be better off dead.” Also be suspicious if a child who has been very depressed suddenly becomes cheerful or hopeful. This intense mood swing may indicate that he believes suicide will be a solution to all his problems. Works Cited 1. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Teen Suicide. 6 May, 1996. University of Michigan. Internet. Downloaded 5 March 1999. 2. Ibid. 3. Kids Health.Org Understanding and Preventing Teen Suicide. 1999. The Nemours Foundation. Internet. Downloaded 5 March 1999. 4.

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