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they know more about the risks, then they can make an educated decision about sex, and then it will be very likely that they will use a condom if they decide to have sex. This is one alternative and might be a better policy to implement than condom distribution. I think that starting in junior high school, students should learn about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and H.I.V. There would be a course or a section of a course dedicated to health where students learn about these subjects. Then in high school, students should do a more in-depth study of the consequences of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This could be done as a part of a biology course or as a research project in an English class. Finally, students should learn about H.I.V. and AIDS, how it

affects the lives of those who have it, and what can be done about it. Again, this could be a separate course that is required or a part of another required course. Then, pamphlets about all these things should be made available at the health (or nurse’s) office and suggested for the students to read before they receive condoms. If this is done, then I believe that teenage sex should be less of a problem than it is now.