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Teenagers Rebelious Years Essay, Research Paper Teenagers Rebellious Years People say that life begins at thirteen. The time of their life that kids love, and parents hate. The days gone when Little Johnny sat in Mom s lap. The day s found where testing their limits are newfound rules. The days of money and clothes have been produced; and the days of telling the Mom s where they are going are no longer found. The day s of rebellion has set in. Teenager s must show themselves what their limits are. stated Tom. (Teen Connection.) Teenager s who are still in their early teens are faced with the dilemma of not listening. They hear their parents talking, but they don t want to listen. They have reached an age where experience takes over the hearing process. They want to experience

everything for themselves. They don t want to hear about anyone else s experiences unless it s in their favor. ( Teen World) Once these early teens reach legal age for driving; the world is in trouble. Teens have bypassed the hearing process, are purely turning rebellion. They have tasted freedom with their driving. They feel as if they no longer have to obey parents, because they have the freedom to drive. Parents feel as if they need to take more control over their teens. They go about this in the wrong way though. Instead of talking friendlier to one another, tones become more hostile. When the parents show too much control to a teen; the more rebellious the teenager may become. ( Teen) On the eighteenth birthday of a teenager, he/she feels they are on top of the world. He/she

is no longer required to live with his/her parent s house if they choose. They are forced to make their own decisions. This causes the teen to believe that they are being rebellious. This is actually when the rebellious age stops. The parents can t say anything to you, and this makes the teen realize he/she is on his/her own. Teenagers believe that they were born to be rebellious. They think they are invincible, and that nothing can hurt them in this world. (Teen Connection) I feel as if this is some of the problems, and why the teen can become so rebellious. If you feel as if nothing bad can happen to you, then most likely you will not worry about what bad things you do. Teenagers do not realize what the consequences, and actions are. They are related, and I believe if teens

were more aware, then rebellion would settle down. Sex education, drug abuse awareness, rape centers, and many more groups should come forward and teach these teens. The teenagers need to realize that if you do have sex, and you don t use a condom, you can get pregnant. They need to understand that drugs can, and do kill. As a whole I honestly believe that it lies on the parents shoulders to control rebellious nature. Inform your teen of wrong and right decisions. Let him make his own choices, but let him know that there is a consequence to every decision he/she makes. The most important thing you can do for your teen though is to just have a listening ear for them. Rebelliousness is no fun, but it s a part of teen years. Works Cited Poulin, Marlena. Teen Connection. New York

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