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Teenagers And Alcohol Essay, Research Paper Teenagers and Alcohol ?Spank them moderately and send them to church and don?t give them anything to drink until they?re 18, and that?s about all we can say.? This advice was given by the Associated Press to parents of teenagers regarding the topic of alcohol. The facts have shown, however, that this is not all parents can say or do. So people believe talking to children about alcohol will make them more curious and more prone to using alcohol. But studies have shown that children who receive frank information about the dangers of alcohol are less likely to want to try it. Education is the key to alcohol prevention. To prevent teenagers from becoming involved with alcohol, they must first be informed about alcohol and taught basic

principles and morals. Without strong beliefs about why they should not use alcohol, it will be harder for them to resist the temptation. What Shall We Tell Them? Young adults must now that alcohol acts as a depressant of the nervous system and brain. They need to be taught, when they are still very young, that alcohol is harmful to their bodies and to their minds. Addeo and Addeo state in the book Why Our Children Drink that youth must also know that, contrary to what advertisers wouls like us to believe, ??drinking doesn?t make a person sexier, taller, stronger, older, more sophisticated or more popular, unless he?s impressing the wrong people to begin with.? After youth are presented with pertinent facts, it should be easier for them to make responsible decisions. My parents

are not very strict towards my actions, as long as my grades are kept up and that I stay out of serious trouble. They understand that I am a teenager and that I need to experience some stuff, and that other stuff should be left a mystery until I am 18 or 21. My dad on occasion consumes alcohol for a beverage, but he has never bene an addictive person and it has never gotten to him. My mother is the same, some wine here and there will do her some good for the month. I on the other hand like to experience things when the opportunity comes. Although it is against my parents will that I drink, I tried it. I did it in a safe enviroment, and although some people believe there is no such thing as ?drinking responsible? there is. I made sure I had a ride home from a reliable person,

someone who can drive and doesn?t drink, and that I had someone watch out for me. I know it was a little too many precautions to tae, but they were necessary so that I could experience the drinking habit.