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Is he a cynical man? Or is he trying his best to help Donny? This is one of the reasons this story interests me so much, it gives me a chance to think about how this really applies to present day people. I feel Cal interferes too much into the parenting of Donny. Daisy and Matt need to be sterner and should have told Cal to back off a bit. But Daisy and Matt were more anger at the teacher that called and said how poorly Donny was doing than at Cal; it?s like reverse psychology that Cal pulled on them. Cal may have made Donny happier at times but overall he just added to the emotional pain Donny was going through. The ending of the short story was a conclusion not many stories I read have. The end result of this perplexing situation was that Donny was expelled from school and was

sent home, but never made it there. There are so many true stories today about runaway children that are never found just like Donny. The outcome of Tyler?s story may not have been happy but it ended as more of a realistic matter. Maybe she decided to conclude the book with the disappearance of Donny to show some parents how important is truly is to communicate and love their children unless they want the same thing to happened to their children that Donny experienced. I really enjoyed ?Teenage Wasteland? because it displayed a topical issue some parents have actually faced in their lifetime. It was exceptional the way the story was wrapped up. Not that I don?t enjoy happy endings but I am more interested in reading stories that may be written in fiction but that I can actually

relate to and imagine it happening. Anne Tyler displayed this real life situation through a fiction tale that has such valuable lessons to be learned. Donny?s just a teenager who was going through a rough time in his life and just wanted to be loved and to love himself. It isn?t always happy the way children turn out but parents do make the difference and communication is a key to success. I feel Tyler displayed this quite clear in her short story so everyone could learn a lesson worth learning to prevent this astounding situation from happening to others.