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Medical care during the pregnancy is expensive. A pregnant teenager may qualify for medical care under her family’s health plan. In some states, if you don’t have health insurance you may be eligible for medicaid. Taking care of the baby after it is born requires alot of money. The price for a 32oz can of milk is $5.00. For a pack of pampers that only holds 48 will cost about $7.00. The milk will only last about two days until you have to go purchase more and the pampers may last a week. If you total the amount you spend on milk in one week in will total to be $10.00 a week and $35.00 a month for pampers. If you buy clothes for the baby that’s another $150.00 evey month because a baby grows out of cloths so fast Parenting a child is one of the hardest and most rewarding

task one must face. Getting pregnant before before she’s ready changes a womens life. It aslo changes the fathers life. some teen fathers in hang there if they choose to support and share in the care of their child. They aslo face hardship and broken dreams just as thier baby’s mother does. She’s the person that the baby will mostly rely on for food,warmth and love. The love from a mother to a baby is something that is so beautiful. But most often the mother of the child is left to take the full responsibility of the mother and the father. A fathers responsibilty is to take care of the baby and mother he is to provide them with anything they need. The fathers job is to also love the baby and care for the baby. Most couples split up because he feels the responsibility is to

much for him to handle so he leaves her stuck with the full responsiblity. Being a parent sometimes means that you have to make sacrifices on both ends. You may often have to sacrifice being able to go buy a new car or sometimes not eating just so that your baby can eat. Becasue the children are the future and look to you for support there needs must come first. Being a parent will often mean that you will have to put there needs before yours. Teenage pregnancy is going up every year and must be taken seriously amoung the youth. There are several issues that must be consider before having sex and parents are not informing there children on sex and the responsibility of haveing safe sex. In conclusion teens must really think about the consquences before having sex. They must think

about if they are really ready to take the full responsibility of being a parent. It’s not easy but you have to make the choice and only the teen can make the descion whether to have sex or not. Even if a teen is consider sex they should talk about taking precautions like birth control. There are many methods of birth control but no sex is the best sex. To all the parents with childern please let them know that sex is not a game. That sex is something that two people who love each do to show the affection towards each other. Parents need to start talking about sex to there children and stop thinking about the subject as a forbidden topic to never be mention. To parents the more you wait the greater risk your child takes.