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others. But the true meaning in my view point is that Miss Moore wants them to see what they are missing out on and what they are being deprived of. Miss Moore wants them to become angry for not knowing nothing of what the upper and middle class citizens can have as to James Eveillard 3 what she can?t. Thus giving them the sense to do something about it and somewhat in a way trying to urge them to become political activists of some sort to help others like her to get an equal opportunity at having such toys and merchandise. This short story I believe is sort of mediocre to say the least. I feel that many lower class and middle class citizens experience the theme in this story in our generation. For example as I came to Florida for the first time when I was about four or five, for

the first time I had seen lots and lots of green grass unlike Brooklyn which is where I grew up most of my life. Similar to the part in the story when Sylvia and her friends had seen toys they had thought as gold. They also get into aspects to which they compare what they could get at home as to if they were to buy the toy. For example Sylvia explains in the story how her mother would repeat and look at her strangely if she ever was to purchase such a toy boat. She explains in the story how the money could go to something more useful than spending it on a toy. Bibliography OUTLINE I. Intro A.Personal quote/Reflective of personal experience B.Facts II. Pregnancy Rates A. Difference between late 80’s to late 90’s 1. teenage pregnancy numbers 2. Social acceptance III. Teens

Issues A. Having the baby 1. Deciding if having the baby is the right choice for the individuals a. Boys parents point of view b. Girls parents point of view B. Financial Issues 1. Funding for the baby a. before/ during pregnancy b. after pregnancy/ baby’s life funding C. Social Association 1. Acceptance by parents 2. Balancing Baby and School IV. Responsibilities A. Mom and Baby B. Dad and Baby C. Accepting financial responsibility 1. Sacrafices on both ends 2. Looking towards baby’s future V. Outro A. Rephrase thesis B Summarize Themes 1. Teen issues C. Clintcher 1. Final thought on issue “Being a teen mother has had a great impact on my life.” It has really made my outlook on the future change. Now that i’ve became a parent I not only have to worry about my future

but my baby’s future outlook. Before I got pregnant I wasn’t really taking school serious and just considering college but now things have changed. My grades have gone up and I now have began to plan for the future. In examining the issue of teenage pregnancy in the 90’s it becomes evident that teenage pregnancy rates are on the rise, teens dealing with pregnancy have issues, and there are several responsibilites involved in teenaged pregnancy. I know that I have to take care of me and my baby even if it takes going to school and working at the same time, that’s just one of the responsibilites that comes with being a parent. There have been alot of things that I have sacrificed just for my baby, and I know there will be more to come. The statics have proven that the birth

rate has steadily declined from 1991 to 1996 with an overall decrease of 12 percent for those aged 15 to 19. These recent declines reverse the 24 percent rise in the teenaged birthrate from 1986 to 1991. The birthrate for black teens 15 to 19 fell 21 percent between 1991 to 1996. The rate of pregnancy has double since the early 60’s. In those times being pregnant and a teen was considerd to be a discrace to you and your family. The descion of having a baby is very important and should be thought about carefully. There is a great responsibility that comes with being a parent that you must consider and be willing to accept. Because of that great responsibiliity most teens find themselves having and abortion or considering adoption. You will aslo find that most teen pregnancy’s

are hidden from there parents. Sometimes it’s the young man’s family who is the most upset about the pregancy. Becomming a father too soon can damage their son’s chances of reaching his career goals. This is not what they wanted for him. Some parents althought dissappointed, will provide extra support for their son at this time, knowing that this is the best way to help him become independent as soon as possible. Her parents might react in many different ways. Most are shocked, many are unhappy, and some blame themselves for allowing this to happen. In fact many parents of pregnant teen mothers experience real grief about pregnancy in which they feel will take away their daughter’s childhood. Being able to take care of a baby financial is something that you must plan for.