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Teenage Piracy Essay, Research Paper How does teenage piracy counteract with society? Is it flawless or does our society bring these young minds out of our world and label them as outcasts? Is there a reason why these kids are this way? I this essay it will be discussed in what manner teenage piracy, vulgarly known as hacking, affects the minds and the bodies of the young adults and how we as parents and leaders should treat this disease. A kid can get introduced to the world of hacking at a very early age. Usually this is brought to them because they are socially deprived and/or not very friendly. Hackers usually live alone, away from this world, in a world of their own in which they decide how far and how much they want to accomplish. It is up to themselves to set their own

goals and strategies. And our government can’t do much about it. It is up to the parents alone to try to establish some rules over their children. But children know that this is not what happens. Children know that once they put their hands on a keyboard, they are free to act as they whish. Hacking, although a very powerful tool, can be a great cause of suicide, mental illness, and family breakdowns. (stats from time magazine) If a kid relies on the computer and is taken away from this world (i. e. going camping for two weeks with the family) he might reach such high levels of stress that cause him to do whatever it takes to get back to a computer. These kids need help. And tere should be offered a society such as Alcoholics Anonymous in which kids can go and get help from

other people that have been in the sae world. On the other side of the abyss, we have the kids that are introduced to the world of technology and little by little discover that there is great potential in that realm. They are socially active to not be labeled as suspects. And they have days, even months, of preparation before they commit the crime. These teenagers can be, but rarely are, the most dangerous. I fin their attempts they, by any chance, erase a file that they were not supposed to, or forget to change the settings back on something else, these kids can go from freezing a web page to downing a server… including FBI servers. (www.2000.com) There are two sides of teenage piracy, the stable and the unstable side. And these two levels of piracy can’t be controlled by

human power, but by mental power. We have to defeat them in their own world so that they will see that there is a world better than the one they know that is the REAL world of the human beings.