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implementing this policy, teenagers will see true lives before them that were largely effected by drug abuse. This may effect their decision on whether or not to try drugs and/or use them. III Implementation My proposed policy is realistic, however, if implemented, it would take a long time to go into effect. The most important benefits of this policy are that students will be able to get a close look at a real life experience of a drug addict and see the problems that can come from trying drugs. This may greatly effect a young persons decision on whether or not to try drugs in a positive way, which can eventually lead to saving a life from being a victim of drug abuse. It will also continue the drug education of students after 5th and 6th grade which is the most important and

influential time in a young persons life. If this policy were to go into effect, I m sure the program would be very successful. Since our system of government is so complex, the duration between the time the policy is proposed and the time it will go into effect is large. This policy would need immediate approval from Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the drug Czar in President Clinton s cabinet. However, with the recent President Elect, George W. Bush, coming into office within the next few weeks a new drug Czar will most likely be appointed making Gen. McCaffrey s say-so irrelevant. He would then propose the policy to President Clinton or the current President. If he approves it, it will then spend many hours being passed through the system of checks and balances where Congress, the

Senate, and the House of Representatives will decide whether or not they approve it. If approved, the next step would be financing the project. Since this course is taking effect in public schools the source of money for this project will most likely come from school taxes. Financing this program would be included in the school budget which is what parents vote on every year. It does seem logical that if school taxes were to be raised for any apparent reason, one as important as strengthening a child s drug awareness and education is a reasonable one. School taxes might even not be greatly effected by this program because it would shift the money being spent on the current drug education program to the new one. If implemented, my proposed policy would indeed be a drastic change

in the current school cirriculum, but it will surely be for the best. If schools keep functioning at this rate, they will be openly ignoring a major problem facing their students. They will willingly send students out into the world with a misperception of the dangers of drug use. This is something that is essential life knowledge and is more important than learning geometry proofs and chemical formulas. Many events in our history have required drastic change which has made the world a better place. If people were too afraid to give women the right to vote or grant African Americans Civil rights our world may have faced a disaster. These drastic changes were necessary. Teenage drug abuse is rapidly becoming a larger problem every day. If a drastic change is not made soon, more

innocent lives will fall victim to the severe problems of addition. 32c