Teenage Depression By Herma Silverstein Essay Research

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Teenage Depression By Herma Silverstein Essay, Research Paper I BIBLIOGRAPHY Silverstein, H. (1990). Teenage Depression. New York: Franklin Watts, 127 pg.s Herma Silverstein wrote Teenage Depression and it was pushlished in 1980 by FranklinWatts company. The book was copyrighted in 1990. The book contains 127 pages. II INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHOR Herma Silverstein has spent over ten years writing, teaching and lecturing aroundthe world . She alone authored eight books and numerous articles in magazines in theinterest of young readers such as Teen Guide to Single Parenting and Spies Among Us: The Truth About Modern Espionage. She also enjoys research, such as the informationcontained in this book. She enjoys writing fiction of all sorts. She keeps active lecturingand teaching

and has been a panel participant for the international reading association anda lecturer in Southern California public schools. Ms. Silverstein live in California. III DESCRIPTION OF BOOK IN GENERAL TERMS Teenage Depression is a book that maybe used as a reference to Depression or justmere reading material. It is on a level that presents facts yet, a sixth grader can understandit complex definitions due to the way that everything is broken down. It is explained thatserious and prolonged depression brings feelings of sadness and hopelessness that justwont go away. Chances are you just might have a friend who has felt this way becausedepressive illness is more common than the average person may think. Depression andmanic depression attack one in every five women and, one in every

ten males at least oncein their lives. An estimated six to seven percent of adolescents in the United States sufferfrom a depressive illness. An estimated 400,000 teenagers unsuccessfully attempt to endtheir own life each year and 5,000 of them succeed. According to Herma Silverstein whichcorresponds with our class text book, depression can be successfully treated. In TeenageDepression it is emphasized that the depression is often misunderstood and misdiagnosedfor other physiological medical problems however, genetic, environmental and otherfactors may lead to depression. Everything in this book has been taken from leadingmedical journals, research and one on one interviews with doctors and the mentally illpeople themselves. Herma feels this way is the only accurate way of doing

such researchand writing a book such as this. Everything in this book also relates to our text howeverthis book takes one step deeper. The author tells you direct quotes from the depressedalong with their view on the whole disease. So, in no way is any of this information out-dated or unrealistic.IV RELATION TO TEXT Why live? Why Die? To keep living an empty life take patience from an emptyperson. These word came from the Diary of Vivienne: an adolescent who ended it all insuicide. This girl was only 14. She was well liked and bright and her death devastated andshocked her family and friends. For months this girl gave warning signals and she confidedthese thoughts to close friends but yet they were thought of as typical teenage moodswings until she was found dead. Another story

speaks of a boy named Robert. He was also considered bright,attractive and well liked. He was the high school Quarterback and the vice-president of hissenior class. He maintained a B , average and had an excellent relationship with hisparents. He went steady with one the most prettiest and most popular girls in the school.He had also recently been accepted to the college of his choice. However, all wasn tpeachy as it seemed in Robert s life. This out going athletic star became a hermit . Therewere days when he didn t even leave his room for hours at a time. He virtually ignored hisgirlfriend, who he once adored. He no longer spoke with his parents without argumentsand his grades dropped below his B average for the first time in his life. Robert quitfootball and the once healthy