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by advertisements. Teenagers need to establish their own identity and be able to make purchases without the influence of the advertising traps or the peer pressure that surrounds them. You sit on your plush Urban Outfitters couch and flip through a fashion magazine. You find that you are suddenly able to spot the schemes and traps that have been created to catch your attention and lure you into buying a certain product. You have learned how to become a better consumer, and will be more cautious when judging yourself and others by what they buy or own. You know that just because advertising depicts a certain truth that it does not necessarily portray the real world. While three fourths of teenagers agree that good advertising can be really humorous, and confess to watching the

Superbowl in order to see the newest commercials, they are slowly becoming more aware of the world around them and the scams that are thrown at them on a daily basis (Zollo 250). Teens need to increasingly learn the ways that the marketing world ensnares them and learn how to combat the pressure placed upon them. No other group of consumers cares more about what their purchases say about who they are, and identify themselves with their material possessions (AP 42). Adolescents need to learn that they are not encapsulated by any possession or image that they associate themselves with. Each is unique and special, no matter what they own or how ?cool? they are among their peers. The growth of the teenage market has become so enormous that it is natural for the advertisers and

marketers to try to take their part of the 540 billion dollars spent annually by this influencial group of unaware children. ?Why do companies want to pin kids down? Call it a Youth Quake, call it teen power. Whatever, for the first time since the baby boom, kid culture is king?.it?s all about pop culture, and pop culture is all about buying!? (AP 42). There are many reasons that justify the importance of targeting a teenage audience. The teens have discretionary spending power, and spend a lot of their family?s money. They are the world?s future consumers and are influenced easily as they are searching for an identity. Their population is growing by the minute; at the moment they make up eleven percent of the people of the world (AP 42). Teenagers need to learn to stop buying on

impulse and start making conscious decisions about their purchases. Because so much pressure has been placed upon teenagers and their families to make perhaps superfluous purchases, they need to become more aware of the advertising and marketing tornado that encircles their lives at all times. Teenagers need to understand that they are targeted in order to be able to refuse the countless offers and deals being made available to them. So next time you sport your new Nike sneakers or reach for your Sprite, think about what influenced you when you decided to make that purchase. If you become more aware of what is going on around you, you will be able to make decisions that truly reflect who you are.