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Teen Violence Essay, Research Paper Teen Violence Imagine being caught in the middle of a crossfire with two students shooting and you are right in the middle of it. Well that is exactly what students and teachers in Littleton, Colorado went through. On April 20, 1999, at approximately 12:20am, two students armed with semi-automatic hand guns, shotguns and explosives conducted an assault on the Columbine High School and the people inside. A total of 12 students, 1 teacher and 2 suspects were killed; 24 students were transported to six local hospitals; and 100 students were treated at the scene (www.Littleton.org). Is this what is happening inside the walls of where America s youth is suppose to be learning and in a safe environment. What can we do to prevent events like this

from happening? It s a question we are constantly searching for answers to. There seems to be no concrete answers or solutions just certain explanations. Many People, especially in their teens often turn to violence when it comes to solving their problems and expressing their feelings. Violence can de demonstrated and seen in various aspects of life. These include, school environment, television and media and home situations. Each of these things can contribute to the many reasons why teens might turn to violence. They often try and imitate what is seen or get their own ideas. The problem is what is violence really solving and how is it harming the person inflicting it. Everyday researchers are trying to find possible ways to try and stop this violence that is ruining our

society. The School has been one of the main scenes where violence has been increasing steadily. There is some disagreement about whether the school causes of reflects violent behavior. Those individuals who see the school as the source of aggression argue that the school in one setting Cruz 2 fosters all of the necessary conditions for violence and vandalism (Apter, Goldstein). They say the school labels various students as failures and by making their failures obvious to themselves and to others, forces youngsters toward aggression as a face-saving response. These youngsters, in turn, fulfill the negative expectations of their teachers and principles. On the other hand some view the school as the victim of aggression rather than its provoker. Is the school really provoking

teens to act in the ways they do? It is believe, that this is not always true since we see cases in which the violent acts are done in elementary schools where the children say they get their examples from outside the school. So could it be that the violent offenders start at a very young age to get influenced by their surroundings to then act upon them in the future? Television and film violence have been the subject of the most of the imprical investigations of the effects of media violence (Mosotti, Bowen). Many statistics support the idea that male teenagers who had viewed a substantially greater quantity of violent programs than males otherwise like the mis-measured characteristics and attributes committed a markedly greater number of seriously harmful antisocial and

criminal acts (Alderman). This is greatly argued a lot because there seems to be many reports concerning the differences that might exist between boys and girls. Exposure to violence in newspapers, comic books and theater films were also positively associated with aggression and antisocial behavior. There are a lot of effects that are generated from television. These can be acquired from protagonists displaying great strength and power who defeat essentially weak villains. Violence with numerous victims such as mass killings, violence that erupts among friends, allies or gang members. Violence that is extreme compared to all events leading up to it and violence that is no easily dismissible as fiction because of its great realism (Flannery). Another Major influential aspect are