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reason to jump to the extreme and completely take away the right to bear firearms given to us by our fore fathers. Everyone must pitch in. This isn?t a problem settled by just one person. Everyone must know the signs, we have to put on more positive TV shows, and provide healthy environments for our teens. How can you help? Parents can help by following these few steps: Do some research, lock up your guns, and use child safety locks. Get others to discuss the signs with your children, they will not want to discuss the signs with you. If you notice a problem get help as soon as possible. Teach that guns and other weapons kill and hurt. Show children how to settle an argument with out resorting to violence. Everyone that interacts with your child including relatives, siblings,

teachers, and baby-sitters need to set a positive example. You can also look for other ways other than guns to protect yourself for instance: locks, jamming devices, a dog, security systems, or self-defense classes. Get the community to help by asking them to follow some simple steps also. Ask them to provide safe places for children. An active mentor program could provide a lost child with a role model. Have them provide positive events like carnivals, or circuses. A paid public class could help with coping. If you recognize the signs in someone else?s child try to help. The neighborhood could launch public education programs to raise awareness. Allowing a place for someone to report a stolen weapon anonymously would help. Everyone needs to participate in the neighborhood watch.

Everyone must know the facts! In a school situation, a positive environment is imperative. A peer mediation program must be offered along with support during major problems. Schools need to encourage students to report any citing that could lead to violent situations. Show students how to deal with problems with out violence. Start groups against the issue that include student participation. All of these things will not work with out youth empowerment. Kids need to want to help themselves, you can?t just tell a teen what he or she wants or feels. Positive actions, feelings, etc. are needed. We need to limit the amount of violence on TV along with limiting negative actions towards teens. Without knowledge nothing will persevere. If you don?t know what your trying to fix then you

won?t be able to fix it. In conclusion, teen violence has become and appalling problem in our society today. The blame shouldn?t be put on one group or one person. This problem is a joint effect of American culture and society today. Contrary to what people think the issue hasn?t become to extreme yet, but it will if we don?t do something about it. Everyone must help to stop this problem, because not just one person can fix it. Know the facts and try to help. A chain is only as strong as its links, and without knowledge and self motivations we have a very weak chain and our problem will never be fixed. Bibliography Don’t have it sorry 321