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speaking, homosexual youth tend to be outcast and abused verbally, physically, as well as mentally by their straight peers, for it is dictated by our society that whoever does not fall into the normal category must be persecuted. It is because of this thinking that our youth today are driven to kill themselves. The verbal, physical, and mental tortures that homosexual teens receive make them depressed and more prone to committing suicide. Struggles and problems within the family is also a big factor of teen suicide. Youngsters who commit suicide are somewhat more likely to come from a ?broken? home than are youngsters of the same ethnic group but about half lived with both biological parents at the time of the death. (www.spanusa.org). The absence of a strong relationship to

parent-child friction and a significant excess of poor parent-child communication also lead to teen suicide (www.spanusa.org). What can be done to cripple the rise in teen suicide? According to the National Strategy for Prevention of Suicide there are three steps in the fight against the problem – access, illumination, and methodology. They suggest that access to services and programs dealing with the issue must be enhanced, the public?s awareness be broadened or illuminated, and the scientific approach to the problem be continued (www.afsp.org). I think that the problem is still not being addressed as it should be. Many teenagers are still dying. At least, the government has now recognized that teen suicide is a national problems and measures for it are no in the works. Such

is so t as the House Resolution 212, which was advocated by U.S. Congressman John Lewis, was approved by the House. I think that the best solution for the problem is to increase the awareness of preteens and teenagers. Get to them before they fall victim to suicide. I believe that these can be done in various ways. Informative discussions in school run by the specific organizations can be held in order to enlighten the youth about the suicide and its long term failure. Family forums can also be held by special organizations in order to create an awareness in both the parent and the child about the issue and also to improve the relationship between the child and the parent. Teen suicide is a grave national problem indeed. It has taken the lives of many American youth already. The

future of America?s next generation is at stake. Let us take action now before it is too late, before the teen suicide epidemic devours the whole nation. In other words, let?s deal with the problem. First, let?s recognize it. Then let?s become aware about it. After that, let?s take action to diminish it. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. www.afsp.org. viewed on 19 Nov. 1999. Brown University. ?Bill Focuses Attention on Teen Suicide.? Brown University: Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter. June 1997. 1-2. Gardner, Sandra and Gary B. Rosenberg. Teenage Suicide. New Jersey: Julian Messner, 1990. Light for Life Foundation International. www.yellowribbon.org. viewed on 31 Oct. 1999. Society for the Advancement of Education. ?Teen Suicide.? USA Today Magazine. Dec94, Vol. 123

Issue 2595, p1, 1/9p. Waters, Harry F. and Ingrassia, Michele. ?Teenage Suicide: One Act Not To Follow.? Newsweek. April 1994. 49-53. Weyrauch, Jerry. www.spanusa.org. viewed on 31 Oct. 1999. World Future Society. ?Tougher Times for Teenagers.? Futurist. Jul/Aug96, Vol. 30 Issue 4, p51, 2p.