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Teen Smoking Essay, Research Paper Teen Smoking Teen smoking. Those two words mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some it means nothing. They are just two meaningless words found under T and S in the dictionary. To others it is as if these words symbolize some sort of treason or crime against society. Yet to others it is just another stereotype to be placed under. And to some it is a salvation. An escape. Unfortunately I am writing this paper so you will get my positions on teen smoking rather than other peoples. Teen smoking gathers a lot of emotions when I think about it. It makes me very angry sometimes. My first draft of this was good but I saw myself getting angry and lashing out on everyone, so I revised it. But enough of that, I find teen smoking to

be a very controversial subject. To be completely honest with you I am smoking right now as I am writing this. Obviously I am a smoker. I am 17 years old and I am a smoker. In the late 1990?s, the statistics showed that approximately 25% of teens smoke. That?s one out of every four teenagers. High school is a tough time for teens. These years are critical to a teens future. This explains why a vast majority of smokers start at 16 years or younger with the most common age being 14 years old(freshman). It has also been proven also that teens who score lower in school smoke more than higher scoring students do. It seems that everyone smokes in our school. Our school is overrun with smokers. It is right now at least 50% smokers and 65% if you count the people who will smoke before

their high school career is up. We practically encourage it. I mean Fireman?s Field practically condones teen smoking. Teen smoking is defiantly a problem in our school, as well as schools all over the United States. I feel that teen smoking is a huge problem. I feel that too many teenagers smoke cigarettes. It is something that needs to get dealt with. But before I get into that I should probably start with the causes of teen smoking. There are several factors that start teens on smoking cigarettes. There has to be considering that over 1 million new teenagers will start smoking annually. The most common is peer pressure. For any of you who have never heard these words before, I will define peer pressure. Peer pressure is when your peers influence you to do something. Many

people comply with peer pressure because they want to impress their friends or they want everyone to think their cool or maybe its just fear of being rejection. Another reason people start is because they get off on the shock. I have a friend who was always 100% straight edge. He never touched anything bad/illegal. At some party he decided to try a cigarette because he thought it would be funny to smoke in front of all these people who know him as a straight edge. Everyone was like ?Ha Ha. Look at him, Look at Mr. Straight Edge smoke.? Well, That was is right there at every party he?d smoke a cigarette and everyone would laugh and be amused. He loved it. All this attention was great to him. Poor kid smokes a pack a day now. Another reason kids may start smoking is their parents.

Parents who smoke are much more likely to have their child smoke. A child who is around it all the time and seeing you parents smoke sets a bad example. Parents are supposed to be role models for their children. These kids generally start smoking younger and tend to be the first children to smoke. Then out of fear of rejection of whatever they use peer pressure to get others to start smoking who in turn get others to start smoking etc? Another reason people start smoking is shear curiosity. This is how I got started. I was always the curious type. The one who would pick up a rock to inspect what was under it without fearing a snake or bug. A large majority of my friends smoke. I would always be with them when they were smoking and I would always hang out with them. One day we