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supports like welfare, W.I.C, housing and medical. Teen moms are only affording the minimum spending for survival. Government aids are good if they really need it and deserve it and however some people will take advantages of government supports. Finally it is the government’s duty to ensure people to pursue happiness. People shouldn’t be denied for the opportunity of getting the health insurance, finical aid for education, decent housing and suitable food to eat because they are poor. Mary has to rely on government support because she couldn’t support the child by herself. Moreover, the teen pregnancy is effecting the population of our communities. Only in California, four hundred teenagers discover that they are pregnant everyday and adding the numbers to the population.

Therefore, I was wondered where our government will get all the funds to support those people. Welfare costs the United States an average of seven billion dollars per year. Majority of teen mothers fall into poverty, and at the same time some teen mothers are most likely to have another children within the first or two years after they had one. Moreover, some teen children of teen parents are most likely to get pregnant and fall into the same procedures and it becomes a vicious circle. Therefore, all teenagers should aware of that unplanned pregnancies and do not let the child be the victims of your mistakes. 323