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neighborhood, go to church, or just be actively involved, it can cause adolescents to turn from any alcoholic influences and face positive influences. In addition, it might be expected that children who come from families with a history of alcoholism would have a problem with drinking as well. It may be early in life or it may be later on in their life. If they see it from their parents or other relatives on a daily basis most likely they are going to think it is socially and morally acceptable. This may increase the chances of children becoming alcoholics when they get older. Reifman, Barnes, Dinctcheff, Farell & Uhleg stated adolescent friends may regulate each other s drinking in a manner similar to parental socialization, adolescent processes are likely to be less formal

(p.312.) This signifies that peers also link to family pressure on adolescent alcoholism. It can also be inferred that as a child gets older observing their alcoholic parents behavior it my lead to their future addiction. Studies show that the descendants of alcoholics are at higher risk factor. Children of alcoholic often believe they are all alone, that no other families have these problems or that it is up to them to cure the parent. A child may take the blame for a parent s alcoholism or the parent may blame the child. As a result, many children of alcoholics not only feel unloved, but unlovable. Some of them suffer physical or sexual abuse, which reinforces this feeling. And because life at home is full of disappointments, broken promises and lies, the child learns not to

trust, not to get too close to anyone and not to communicate in healthy ways. There are ways in which society can help with the problem of teen alcoholism. Our educational system should take out more time to educate students on alcoholism. They should formulate workshops for parents and children to attend. If students from the early years were educated on the consequences of alcoholism they will have a better understanding of its irrelevant purpose. This will ensure the awareness, the laws that prohibit minors from purchasing liquor should be enhanced. Liquor stores should be monitored closely on whom they sell alcohol to. Strict punishment should be inflicted on storeowners and people who sell or purchase liquor for minors. If this was taken into more consideration then a lot of

students would not be allowed to encounter this serious addiction and even fatal deaths. In conclusion, the most significant cause of alcoholism in adolescents is caused by parental influence. It can also be inferred that alcoholism can be inherited. Some adolescents are found to be also influenced by peer pressure. Many precautions can be taken to prevent this addition such as familial awareness, more education on alcohol abuse, strict law enforcement on alcohol distribution. This issue is becoming an epidemic that needs to come to an end. If these factors are enforced it may lead to a decrease in adolescent alcohol abuse.