Teddy Roosvelt Vs Harry Truman Essay Research

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Teddy Roosvelt Vs. Harry Truman Essay, Research Paper History has offered a variety of presidents to the United States. Some were strong fighters and generals, some were calm and peaceful, and others were known for their personality and wisdom. Two such presidents were Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. Although there lies several differences in their Presidencies they had the same basis of personality. Their leadership was compelled by a passion for wit and energy, which shaped their Presidencies?s. This audacious way of controlling the Presidency was not easy and did not have a outcome as great for Truman as it did for Roosevelt. Their unconventional attitude, methods and personality, completely reshaped the presidency and left a lasting impression on it?s people.

Truman and Roosevelt were both vice presidents when something tragic overcame the President. Truman became President after Franklin D. Roosevelt on April 12, 1945 (Hamby 149). Roosevelt was placed in office in 1901 succeeding William Mckinley?s assignation (Oates 111). Both of these presidents had to face the hardships of having to carry out someone else plans. One of the few things that separated these men was that Roosevelt and Truman came from two different political parties. Truman was a Democrat and Roosevelt was a Republican (Bernstein 237; Oates,111). When Truman ran for a second term ?Republicans ?beat Truman to a pulp?? (Rose 49), but it was not the same for Roosevelt. The two parties in Roosevelt?s re-election were not as harsh and were actually friendly towards one

another (Oates 116). One of the biggest issues in the Roosevelt?s and Truman?s presidency was their control over Congress. Roosevelt had a very strong relationship with Congress (Morris Moore 2 14). It is thought that Roosevelt?s ?influence over Congress as greater than that of Kaiser Wilhelm II over the Reichstag? (Morris 14). Truman, on the other hand, had a very hard time when dealing with Congress. Truman tried to carry out the policies Franklin D. Roosevelt had laid out but Congress refused to support him; therefore, he had to drop the plans (Hamby 362). Truman and Roosevelt had very similar ways of handling the presidency. Truman’s leading saying was ?Give ‘Em Hell? (Hamby 540), while Roosevelt preferred a West African proverb saying of: ? Speak softly and carry a big

stick, you will go far? (?The Turning Point?). Each of these sayings portrayed their attitudes about their policies and getting what the people wanted. That gave each of them a great deal of support from the citizens (Hamby 540; Bernstein 233). Dealing with stress is an important part of being president. Truman and Roosevelt each had a great amount to deal with. Truman, however, was not as resourceful in handling stress as Roosevelt was. Truman had several faults when it came to stress. He became ?suspicious of those around him, was capable of vindictiveness, and seethed with unfocused hostility,? due to the large amount of pressure put upon him (Hamby 485). Truman had a tendancy to quarreled with the press. ?His irritation with them border on obsessive? (Hamby 485). Roosevelt,

on the other hand, showed no sign of stress or strain through his presidency (Bernstein 233). The energy which these two men contained was really what shaped their presidency. Roosevelt?s amazing ?presence? is supposably why everyone loved him (Oates 114). After meeting President Roosevelt, people come out of the office, ??flushed, short-breathed, energized?? , which shows how powerful his presence really was (Oates 114). He was actually compared to Niagara falls by John Morley because ??both are great wonders of nature? and because they were both so powerful. This energy which engulfed all things around him made many people believe that he thought faster, ate more, and enjoyed more then any other human Moore 3 (Oates 113). He was also extremely intelligent with an abundant