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sneaking out of the house and peeping into windows. He became a “Peeping Tom.” He occasionally disabled a woman’s car to make her more vulnerable, without actually doing anything to her(Time Life). He found these behaviors sexually arousing and masturbated while doing them. He also began shoplifting for expensive items and told his mom that they were gifts. He was picked up at least twice by juvenile authorities for suspicion of auto theft and burglary, but nothing came of it. While Ted was on death row he once told an interviewer that he knew he was different from other people. He was quoted as having trouble knowing what appropriate social behaviors were. His own needs and desires were all that mattered. Ted recognized that he did not have remorse the way other kids did

so he learned to mimic normal emotions. Ted participated in many respectable behaviors that helped make it so unbelievable to accept his guiltiness. He caught a purse snatcher and was given a commendation from the police department. He also saved a drowning toddler once by diving into a lake after him. Ted also worked for a suicide prevention hotline talking others out of killing themselves. He also wrote rape-prevention books and became active in politics gaining the attention of very important, highly known people. Ted worked many low paying jobs to pay for college. He was a busboy at a hotel, a messenger, and clerks at various stores. He left most jobs after only a few months. Some employers said he was a good worker while others gave him less than favorable comments. It is

likely that Ted killed his first victim while in his teens. A young schoolmate disappeared at this time. He is said to have begun his serial killings in his late twenties in 1974. However many people believe that he started earlier than this. He is said to be the suspect in numerous unsolved murders (Wellard). In January of 1974, an 18 year old student was found unconscious in her bedroom. Ted had beaten her with a metal rod and then inserted it in her vagina. The woman survived but was in a coma for several months and had no memory of the event at all. A month later he abducted and killed a 21 year old woman named, Lynda Ann Healy. When police entered her room they found blood all over her bed, her nightgown stiff with blood, and her clothes and backpack from the night before

were missing. Six weeks later, a 19 year old college student never arrived at a jazz concert she was going to. The next month a freshman girl disappeared on the way to a movie. Three other women disappeared over the next two months (Time Life) Ted would use fake casts, splints, and crutches to get his victims to help him. He would use little things like how he needed help to carry his books or load up his car. In July of 1974 though, he was able to convince a young woman to help him load a sailboat up at his parent’s house. The girl was never seen again. That same day he abducted an 18 year old secretary while at a park. Ted had now abducted two people in broad daylight using his real name. People would not believe that a killer would actually use his real name. This lead the

press to call these cases the “Ted” cases. In 1974 the first pieces of bodies were slowly being found. The police began to discover the severity and scope of the killer. Ted Bundy had now moved to Utah where he became a dormitory manager at the University of Utah. Here in Utah he killed 16 year old Nancy Wilcox. Three weeks later he killed 17 year old Melissa Smith. Ted had killed at least 11 times in Utah and nearby Colorado. In August 1975 Ted was stopped for driving suspiciously. When the trunk was searched the police found an ice pick, ski mask, a mask made of pantyhose, rope and handcuffs. These are the items Ted used in his “rape kit.” Ted was convicted of kidnapping and sentenced to prison. Unfortunately his parents bailed him out. In 1977 he was transported to

Colorado to stand trial for one of the murders when Ted escaped out of the courthouse. Ted was picked up a few days later for driving recklessly and taken back to jail. It was in December of that same year when Ted again managed to escape and took off toward Florida. It was January when Ted committed the Chi Omega murders. Upstairs in the sorority house the police found one woman with her nipple bit off her breast and bite marks on her buttocks. Two women were dead from blows to the head while the other two were barely alive. Right after these clubbing Ted attacked another woman in her apartment down the road from the Chi Omega house and left her for dead. Ted Bundy’s last victim was a 12 year old girl he had taken from school. Her body was found two months later in April of